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4 hours ago, jeffpeng said:

She's got a lot of pretty, pretty wolves ... she calls 'friends'.

If you survive long enough you start naming them. :D I think I already do, Barky, Snarky... the Stalker mode will have Stalky..

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Day 28


- this weather isn't so hot, managed at most to get across the road to another house

- hijaah!! I r promoted from Rambo to green ninja! I can haz balaclava and snow pants too

- moved on to another nearest house, not really looking for lots of loot, just want to wait out this wind and grab any items about to spoil or gun ammo

- went uphill from this house, the swing is creaking at my back spookily

- it's not a far walk when I discover a trailer

- there is a cave nearby with a pile of bones at the entrance, uh-oh, I don't like the looks of this, went back right past the trailer and discovered a rope

- i'm going to camp at this trailer and climb the rope tomorrow

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19 hours ago, tulkawen said:

If you survive long enough you start naming them. :D I think I already do, Barky, Snarky... the Stalker mode will have Stalky..

Much like I named the Bears on Timberwolf Mountain. Harvey, Humphrey, Henry and Bob.

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Day 29


- Why did I climb this rope? There is nothing up here but a very steep hill and trees, trees, trees

- This of course leads to a dual sprained ankle. At least I had a cup of coffee, but the fatigue is catching up regardless.

- Dropped the bedroll right on the hill and snoozed 2h, heard wolves howl in my sleep

- Used painkillers for the other two hours and went on, it began snowing while I was napping

- The steep hill became a road, it's snowing heavier with each step. It's not late, but shelter would be welcome before this becomes a curtain.

- What's this? It's tall, wooden and has lots of stairs. Wowzer! I think it's the tower I've seen all the way from the lake

- Hurried up and slapped the door shut into blizzy's hungry mouth

- There is a bed and a thick book, 10h worth of reading

- An upturned armchair is hiding a box of ammo underneath

- nommed soon to be ruined grape soda that was on the bench and snacked on cattails before reading half of the book

- there was a whetstone too hiding under the stove; my knife and hatchet need good sharpening

- mapped the area when in the evening the snow got lighter and admired the view from the top of the world

- it will be wise to spend the night up here

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Day 30


- nice weather, not really, since the blizzard is back

- the water is a notch low; while it boiled, broke a bench just in case I'll require more firewood later

- tucked in two more hours worth of reading before the weather improved

- i'm going to take this wide path that runs around the lookout

- is that a wolf ahead taking a similar stroll? since I must go in that direction, pulled out the rifle and moved onto the hill on the other side of the road fence

- once I reached the bend, I saw the wolf returning

- there is some kind of forest clearing to my left, decided it's better to get lost among the trees than to trip into the wolf's mouth

- wait a minute, is this the rope that leads back to the trailer? I thought i've been travelling in the opposite direction, shows the great pathfinder i am

- i'll take it since i've left almost all the food back at the house

- entered the trailer to remind myself what's inside and then stepped out and began walking whistling a happy tune when....

- aaahhh!!! Am I lucky or am I lucky his butt and not head is turned to me. be-be-bear two-two-two steps away from me... and he isn't seeing me... or I would have been eaten for sure

- without the road rolled downhill back to those houses... phew... no pursuit... maybe he had a moose for dinner

- this spot has lots of mailboxes and cars, checked out some and picked one of the houses for the night

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4 minutes ago, tulkawen said:

this spot has lots of mailboxes and cars, checked out some and picked one of the houses for the night

That's a cosy neighborhood ^_^

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Day 31


- continued checking this housy area, eventually reaching the gas station

- i'm sure there is a wolf nearby, but there are many protrusions, snowdrifts, rusty junk mounds that block the view, if I do find this wolf he'll jump me around some shady corner

- the gas station has a useful workbench, but i have nothing to craft at present

- pried the lockers open for good items

- the bed has a hunting book next to it

- checked for food and clothes which are under 50% and picked them up

- found a bedroll at 18%, repaired it. in case mine gets damaged i want an extra stashed somewhere

- ripped apart old clothes to replenish the cloth

- i think i can find a better spot than the gas station for napping, went to a house on the same territory, it's quite cozy

- i wander if i'll kick the bucket from 15% condensed milk and 18% soda. nope? i guess i'll sleep then

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May your survivors find yummies and goodies this magical day!

Day 32


- the day begins with snow, while it's not terrible, i can try waiting an hour or two, drank some old soda and put in two more reading hours

- same old weather, I'll walk anyway; avoiding the lower road at the shore followed a path up and found an isolate house

- got soaked by the time i reached it and figured i'll dry up while checking for loot

- nice combat pants, see ya cargo pants, grab expiring stuff too

- going out again, since the path ended went along the forested hill area and eventually was forced to climb down to a couple of buildings by the waterfront

- hey, i've seen this bear before, he's coming over from that patrolled island towards the waterfront cottages

- went inside since he's already on this bank, while waiting for him to go away raided this cottage too

- peeked out, the bear is gone, upon approaching the second cottage saw a wolf on this bank too, it seems these two buildings are guarded

- oh a second pair of the insulated boots, woot woot they're half worn though

- finished reading the thick field dressing book and dropped it

- i'm not fond of the frozen guy in the bedroom. it would have been waaaay more fun if he was more lively and rather hot. guess i'll stay regardless since don't want to slide next door past the wolf and the bear


Day 33


- ran for it while the guards are away

- a red car on the roadside marks the path to a new area

- hello Crumbling Highway, you sure have an uncomfortable entrance under some mountain

- peeked off the top of the rocks; no cottages, no landmarks only two wolves bossily moving across the ice in my direction too

- returned to the road to check out a grey car; one must get their butt out of here while they have a butt

- the road crumbles half way, must take a detour around the forest past a ruined house which has a green box next to it

- climbed back onto the road from the other side where a snowy path curves back to the higher ground

- what an interesting booth that looks like a large doghouse which is a mine; looks like the crumbling highway is small

- checked out the metal shelves and drawers at the mine entrance, i'll stash the boots here since they're so heavy, hesitated whether to repair them but i don't want to waste daylight

- this mine is long and deep and requires a lantern to explore

- at the center there is a workbench and another loot area

- some very unlucky guy lies behind the bars with a heavily busted prybar, he must have desperately tried to break the bars to get inside this passage

- the other side of the mine has goodies too

- stashed away a few pieces of coal found in the passage, the passage has lots of them

- stepped out of the mine onto the Desolation Point, not going to explore it yet

- finished reading the hunting book and got the firearms better

- i'm going to spend the night inside the mine and then Gummi Bears bouncing here and there and everywhere


Day 34


- epp foggy snow, two hours of reading the fishing book until it got clearer

- followed a snowy passage between the mountains until an intersection and then chose the upper ground, it's always good to choose upper ground

- from the top of the rocks I spot a paved road below and a couple of cars

- beyond that there is a sea with a wolf hanging around, that wolf enjoys howling

- eventually reached a stone church, it is a beautiful ruined building

- i wander if the wolves can come in or not through the missing chunks of the walls, a fire barrel tells you it's cold sleeping here at night but still shelter

- a box of ammo is waiting under a bench and a balaclava on top, glance around without grabbing much stuff

- from the church there is a view to a lighthouse

- examined the highway right and left before crossing and wandered onto the two bridges that lead to the lighthouse; it stands isolate on an island

- two wolves are hanging around the ice below these bridges; i'm glad they don't see me

- the lighthouse is fascinating; a winding stairway runs up three stories with landings; found another balaclava and a book on survival

- the hatch on the last floor leads to a glassed landing where I find another bullet

- this view is impressive, an ancient ship in the distance promises adventure, i wander if it's safe to go across the ice or will I get dunked

- the second floor has a simple bed; this is where I spend the night

Night 34


- woke up fully rested while it's still dark

- turned on the lantern and climbed higher where I saw three green crates

- busted them up and found a jerry can; very useful since i have been walking around the mine with a lit lantern and then around the lighthouse

- waiting for another day

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Day 35


- gotta go, as nice as this place has been

- tried climbing onto the ice directly from the lighthouse for a shortcut, eep! it's a looong rocky drop, not doing it

- walk walk walk a long hook around both bridges, at least the wolves do not spot me

- at the earliest opportunity went down to the ice, walking cautiously nonetheless, no idea how thick this ice is

- arrr! ahoy me mateys! get yer treaaarsure ready fer me!

- lots of crates, coal and boxes in the cargo hold, the interior is bigger than i thought, a number of rooms

- hey, is that a frozen mechanic next to a stove... hoold it! that's not a stove, that's a fooorge! xD awesome! I like this forge better than the other one. this is a romantic indoorsy location. a brig sealed into the ice! yarr!

- i'm barely dragging my feet anyway with all this loot, left more of it where it is, food aside, don't want to forge things yet, though a couple of bullets I spot in shady corners are grand

- disembarked and crossed the ice onto a small island nearby, there is another empty corpse on the shore

- I do believe I've seen next to a bridge by the waterfall a fallen truck

- crossed all the way towards it, i can hear the wolves but do not see them

- ouch, don't envy the driver, the car nose is wedged firmly into the ice, the truck must have taken a nose dive off the bridge

- rifle cleaning kit, a rope, a perfect condition prybar, grabbed all the goodies since i'm not planning to return to this car

- there is a big yard further down the shore surrounded by a fence

- checked three boats by the docks and cautiously got lost in the labyrinth of creaking rusty metal and reclaimed wood pyramids, this is an ideal spot for a wolf to ambush you

- a trailer along the fence has a couple of bunk beds, they aren't too pretty and the whole thing is cluttered with metal frames

- a huge barn is dominating the yard center, at first i thought big double doors lead inside, but it's a small metal door

- the barn interior very much resembles outside, great many things clutter it, a heavy hammer and a hacksaw are tucked in various corners

- dropped off the rope and some extra tools on top of the workbench

- one of the shelves contains another book, this is great i have three books to finish

- crack knuckles, hello safe, ooooh!! who is the lucky owner of the second expedition parka? yep, that's me!

- since I don't have a drop of water left, busted up a green crate and fired up a barrel. my old firestriker broke and didn't start the fire, used a match from my hoard of matches, about sixty on me and stashes at ML and Coastal

- repaired the expedition parka while the water boiled, i'll keep the ski jacket as my extra emergency one

- it's rather dark, grabbed a torch, i think i spotted a stairway in that corner, climbing up... yep! here's a bed :)

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Day 36


- woke up early and checked behind the bed; what's this small, brown, triangular thingy very slightly sticking out? drag... drag... grab... grab... I founds a 3rd rifle

- cleaned the rifle to get better and placed it where it's easily visible, cannot take it along

- whelp, gotta go... gotta go, got more bears to visit... speaking of bears I see one rather far away hanging along this yard's fence

- checked out the black wagon and found a bullet on the wooden platform

- peeked inside the second trailer... ooh! 99% ski jacket, the extra one I've got is 95% I'm swimming in jackets! going to leave one of them too

- sob; there are big stashes of loot i'm leaving behind everywhere my grabby little heart weeps for

- all I carry away from each zone are half ruined socks and food

- where did all this fog come from... carefully went in the direction where i saw the bear since that's where another trailer is and got inside,

- this one actually doesn't have a bed, but i can drop a bedroll on the floor

- completed the reading on fishing, tried reading a new survival book but keep getting excuses not to

- rest I guess

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Day 37


- begins with snowfall and two hours of reading until i get clear skies

- it seems i'm at the tip of this maintenance yard

- a pickup truck in blocking the entrance to the bridge that leads to the highway, climbed into the truck and came out through the other door

- didn't get very far when I heard a familiar woof woof that prompted me to run across the bridge to a green car

- the wolf sniffed the car and left a paw prints trail in the direction where i'm planning to go

- whelp can't get old waiting around might as well leave the car, gave the wolf a slip and followed the highway until I saw a path leading into the mountain area

- lovely, it's a mine entrance, this area is rich in mines and bountiful in coal

- organised extra items into stashes on a metal shelf inside the mine entrance

- went out to check the way, there is a large bridge and a bear is standing in the middle of the road; got to keep an eye on that stray wolf too, he has a wide patrol range

- while the bear was passing chopped down four birch saplings and gathered wood along with beards

- it seems too late for more travelling, finished survival book and received fire starting improvement

- tucked one hour of reading about sewing too


Night 37


- aurora in all it's glory is out

- chopped a cedar limb to start a fire outside

- on a stone boiled water in the pot and on the other stone made coffee and warmed stew

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Day 38


- while the bear stomped away, sneaked past him and discovered another cave, checked interior even though I think teddy lives in it

- searched a red car before peering over the broken bridge's edge

- there is a frozen guy in the nook but no safe way down; i'd have to go far around the road to search for a spot where to step onto the lake and that would be going past wolf and bear; not worth it, i bet he's empty anyway

- hurry back to the mine before the bear comes back since there is only one narrow route

- i guess this is the end of the zone without transition to another; thus i go deep into the mine

- the light glimmers ahead, hey, this is the desolation point too, i can see the church from this exit

- the snow slope appears to be climbable

- eventually reached another mine entrance; wait a minute, i've been here before burning the lantern oil; here's the quirky spot where the tunnel roof is low and you must crouch to pass a wide section

- at the end of the tunnel there are lockers and my stash where i had left the insulated boots; repaired them

- now i remember, this exit leads to the crumbling highway

- i guess i'll be heading back, i hope i haven't missed any secret transition zones to the new maps

- walking away from the central road leads me to the three ruined houses, while the car by them is searched, there is a cellar at the back of one house, i don't think i've seen it yet

- a new spot discovered, funzie, the dryer has gauntlets, good hence i want an extra pair, and the washer has two pairs of socks

- too bad i left my sewing book at the mine; ripped apart junk clothes to pass time

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5 hours ago, tulkawen said:

i guess i'll be heading back, i hope i haven't missed any secret transition zones to the new maps

There's no transition after desolation point, but you still have to discover a well-know particular cave.

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3 hours ago, BareSkin said:

There's no transition after desolation point, but you still have to discover a well-know particular cave.

Sounds like a promising future! :D

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I've given another shot to Interloper. This experience was fascinating and I found it to be rewarding. :)

Game 6 Interloper, Newbie Crow


Day 1


- faaahlop into snowdrift, once I pull my head out I'll try to get my bearings

- muskeg? i do know this place and i can spot the forge from this tall bank

- hop hop this tree bridge is familiar

- minus 15C hey, that's a pretty good weather for loper, it's crystal clear too

- a moderate wind from the left is slowing me in places and forces a bit of sprint to leap over the obstacles

- i haven't seen this broken radio tower before, then again who knows what falls out of the sky, myself included

- there should be a patrol wolf and a cave nearby

- i don't see barky! i don't see him! quantum bum mode into cave while the way is clear

- ho ho ho frozen adventurer you be Santa? i got a ski jacket at 58% and sardines in his pack, a book on survival thanks! surviving is pretty important, cedar log and three pieces of coal, sooo... have I been good or naughty then? hehe

- bounce bounce running past mushrooms and harvestables since i want to give that patrol wolf a slip, if he's not here now he will be in five minutes

- old pal Spancer had a farm ia ia ia o and on his farm he had survivor ia ia o  

- he also had matches... all twelve, i'm rich!

- a blue parka at half health completes my jackets set

- trail boots in the corner, sure, trailing is fun

- a bandage in the medkit

- a red book is on the ground, but i don't pick it up yet

- skipped around two nearest barns grabbing metal scraps and all the firewood i can get

- hammer? hammery hammer hammer? nope

- the lockers require a prybar, go fish for that too lady survivor

- it's -1C next to the bed on the second floor which has +5 warmth bonus, slept 2h without the fire and got rid of hypoth

- the weather is holding, skip hop along the yellow docks road that leads to the middle of the lake

- three wolves are skating on my right, not sure if within agro range or not

- reached the barrel barn; more coal, it's great when the forge area is littered with coal plus fir logs

- on the way back searched two drawers in a house hammered so deep into the lake that only a roof remains

- can't do anything about a deer, too bad as it looks yummy


Night 1


- no tinder? not even a useless million dollar banknote? at least i grabbed a branch to harvest for tinder bark

- fired up the forge hence my bum is freezing part

- the water boiled out while i was breaking a green crate underneath the bed floor but i've gained two cans of doggy food

- i do enjoy cracking safes, hey decent trail boots and ragged jeans, jeans with holes are fashionable this season

- 400/500 dog food calories without the can opener such a waste

- odd why didn't i get a can from the canned food

- setting water to boil in my only tin can while breaking green crates, sometimes i can grab it before it boils out and sometimes i trip over the boards and don't make it

- found two fire accelerants in those crates


Day 2


- the day begins with the dense fog

- dropped reclaimed wood into furnace, it is colder now, trying the trick of setting the water to boil and sleeping 1h bursts then trying to grab water

- eventually all fatigue burns off and i must travel even though it's still mildly foggy, without the hammer i have no more business here

- made a bunch of torches out of the remaining fire and off i go

- still no patrol wolf by the cave, used the chance to gather all beards and lots of mushrooms

- at the tree bridge the cold caught up, placed my fire by the wall, i wish i had warmed up in the cave instead

- while the water boiled crafted mushrooms and then made tea

- shoot! failed to light the torch from the dying fire

- @#@$%! even worse, while i was travelling instead of relighting new torches from the previous ones i was using the matches and i wasn't warmed about it

- ima cry instead of 11 matches i have 9 remaining

- drank of a cup of hot tea and climbed downhill to the railway

- grabbed a cedar log by the cart and crossed to the other side between wagons where i see cattails

- the cattails track lead me to the wooden structure, it's not a place to rest but it has a cedar log

- tried returning to the tracks and fell through the ice brrr!! ice starts cracking again uh oh i must take the shore now

- this is odd, i don't have hypoth after such bath, just increased risk, maybe i fell through to an ankle

- there might be a snow shelter nearby on a hill

- i'm right and i find another cedar log by the shelter

- it's warm enough to sleep 2h until it drops to -1C

- there goes another match


Night 2


- slept in couple of hour bursts

- there is an aurora, i'm afraid to climb out of the shelter due to wolf noms

- my health is not really recovering, i wander if it doesn't in snow shelters

- i have 17 cattails, keep drinking teas and eating those to prevent more health hits

- closer to morning snow begins falling, i wouldn't want to be stuck here in a snow storm

- risked climbing out to set the water to boil and hid back in the shelter listening for bubbling

- the wolves are doing a howling concerto from every direction

- repaired the snow shelter since it needs only two sticks and takes 3mins

- ate sardines and a mouldy candy bar found on a guy next to the snow shelter


Day 3


- the moon vanished behind the horizon, as i begin walking the weather decides to play nice and the snow ceases

- the torch i have is the one i picked up from an adventurer, it has far more durability than the ones pulled out of the fire

- minding my business and gathering mushrooms when i hear a distinct woof

- whoa! not sure where that's coming from but ruuuun!

- once the stamina is out walk backwards clinging to the torch and searching the area

- finally i spot the wolf sneaking over the hill, growling without attacking, he is following me as i keep walking backwards and crouching on minor hills in hopes of losing him

- i have three rocks maybe i should throw those at him

- i bump into something behind me, waste time trying to get around it and the wolf closes distance, heads forth, sniffs an ice flow between us then goes meh and begins walking away

- the relief lasts about two seconds then yeowwwcch!! frostbite risk? where did this come from?

- it's -28C eeek! when did that happen? ugh! i need shelter, hypoth risk eating my health badly!

- i see the red wagon a moderate distance away, hurry up and watch out, this is a bear patrol area

- second frostbite risk! agh! wasting time getting around the cracking ice, i don't see the bear anywhere, hurry

- no no no world don't become blurry!

- ROOOOARRR!! Ahh! I knew there is a bear nearby! ooh scary, run run run, please don't eat me

- scary roars right at my heels

- dodging around some stupid tree limbs in my way and running along the wagons

- dive inside and fire accelerant! ppssshhh! drop wood cold, drop more wood still cold...nooooo -1C even hugging the barrel

- quick boil mushroom teaaaa! +5C phew! finally getting warmer

- oh quit wavering so much and crouch still, you're going to fall out of the wagon

- just realised there are two pieces of coal in the wagon with me ahhh nice and toasty much better

- munching of cattails and drinking plenty of teas and water

- eventually the cold afflictions go away

- there is also a flare on the floor

- much later: hmmm ok you're warm and fed and not even tired why is the health still in red, do you require a get well and fed card from local wolves?

- how am i suppose to travel when the world is blurry plus the bear and wolves vanguard

- oh whatever i'm out of food and firewood

- shoot! i can't even make a clean getaway, the bear is circling around the mini island where the wagon is

- the fire goes out and i finally give him the slip, moving in the straight line directly to the mystery lake... just walk calmly and try not to look delicious... calmly... CALMLY... oh i've got nerves! run!

- without being eaten i make it to the boundary and find empty green boxes and a medkit thanks for nothing

- there must be the wolf patrol along the tracks thus i must turn downhill and hope to reach the hunters cabin

- the snow is falling in large fluffy flakes

- increased fatigue makes it harder to pull my feet out of the snow but i persist and hurry

- hypoth risk is back hurting me, half way downhill i run out of calories too

- a lone wolf howls in the distance but that's the last thing i care about as the already red health shrinks even more melting like the spring snow

- i roll down to the ruined barn and pass it, i know where i'm going...

- the faint cabin outline stands like a dream in front of me amidst falling snow and dusk

- my spirit went to it and knocked even as i faded into the long dark

- perhaps another survivor heard me


I've taken this image an instance before my survivor faded.



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1 hour ago, tulkawen said:

i haven't seen this broken radio tower before

Could be that the new Wintermute Redux map of Forlorn Muskeg is used in Survival too

1 hour ago, tulkawen said:

odd why didn't i get a can from the canned food

Cause you smashed it open, so it's broken

1 hour ago, tulkawen said:

i wander if it doesn't in snow shelters

It does, the same as in a bed... you're just interlopering at that change things...

1 hour ago, tulkawen said:

I've taken this image an instance before my survivor faded.

It's a very TLDesque one, GG! Escaping the Muskeg and surviving 2 nights on an interloper start on your 6th game is a real achievement. You're made for TLD :D

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Posted (edited)

@BareSkin Thank you, although, I'm pretty sure with my mathematical genius something like ten games converted into six. :D  I may have posted a few without numbers or missed.

I wander if it's possible to turn back on the % on the health bar. I don't fancy this update when it disappeared. I'm just learning Loper and I can't understand how much punishment I take from ill effects because the bar generally sliding up or down doesn't give me any decent information. I'm pretty sure a hit from thirst and food looks the same on that new bar. I only gather from this approximation that hunger hurts you more on Loper than in other mode, but once again how much. I can't seem to judge accurately how to best distribute resources, can I wait and do a certain activity if I'm hungry or it would injure my health too much. The change after activity gives me result that's too ambiguous, though the chunk that vanished from that bar looked more like 5-7% than 1% after I broke a 1h crate while hungry without other ailments. :|

That does make sense, I must have been banging that can on some rock. :D It's funny how on voyager you're like bleh another can opener, toss over shoulder, and on Loper you're like wooohoo!!! a CAN OPENER! winner! 

This is the part I appreciate the most about Loper. You get happy about every single item. Hurray! I found a ragged t-shirt! In other mode it's just garbage. :)

I'm also very happy with that image because when it comes to ss, during the most interesting points in the game you're generally saving your hide and don't have time for it. I have pretty landscapes, my base cottages for the most part and various auroras. This one was on the border of the long dark.


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That image is beautiful. I have also faded within site of safety. You captured that feeling perfectly with that screenshot.

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Hila and Nardo, I find it fascinating how much my survivor clings to straws at those points. Sometimes you know you are toast, but sometimes you have a goal ahead and you know if you just make it over that hill you will survive another moonrise and you wait with baited breath whether you'll make it or not.

Back to my long voyager game. ^_^

Day 39


- the sky is brown, plump snowflakes spin from its depth; i'll take it hence it's early and the weather might improve

- i'm pretty sure this is the path back to the coastal since i know this mountain, you need to crouch under to pass

- the sky is turning blue, but the snow keeps its intensity as i approach the waterfront cottages

- there is a guy i've missed before since a wolf was in the way, empty anyway

- went inside to refresh my memory and grabbed grape soda, exchanged a pot for a newer one

- stashed extra hacksaw found at desolation point

- along the highway i stroll once more eventually reaching the gas station area, entered the first house which turns out has my old stash but its kitchen drawers haven't been searched yet

- used a toolbox to fix the big pot

- off along the highway i go again until the log area and a trailer; there is a yellow sign and a wide road branching uphill, i don't think i've been there yet

- kept going up and then right, the track takes me over a bridge, wait i minute, i've been here before, that's where that wolf chewed me up and a trailer

- i guess i'll camp for the night and then backtrack and try to find another way uphill, i think there might be more goodies somewhere up there


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Day 40


- backtracked over the waterfall bridge, i cannot spot a distinct road upwards but the snow slope looks climbable

- the climb leads me to another trailer, i am not certain whether it is new or old, turns out new since there are clothes and food inside

- while i grabbed loot my clothes dried up and i continued on track, there isn't much of a road, more like a snow path that's rather steep running up, that's where i go

- the wind kicks up many notches, snow slams against me like a oozing green curtain and it's getting worse, i consider turning back when a mine entrance appears

- this is probably the biggest mine i've explored so far, it has lots of twists and turns, although i can see moderately well i use the lantern due to the multitude of loot spots, there is even a crafting bench

- the ski boots and a fisherman sweater make excellent finds

- one of the dead ends has five reclaimed wood pieces and coal which i grab and make super heavy pack even heavier

- dropped coal at the bottom of a wooden stairway and dragged wood to the top, at last light glimmers ahead

- organised loot, dropped extra prybar and other stuff and went out where a single and long road leads down

- followed it until i got a dual sprain, scowls, head back to the mine since the day is declining

- boiled 2L of water at the entrance, heated up some beans and went inside to take a nap


Day 41


- uff I don't like this wind! read 2h and then moved on

- at the bottom of this hill turned left along the mountainside, can't say i walked that long when i heard a welcome bark that forced me to run back along the same route

- once the sprint expired, began walking backwards holding out the rifle

- i can see the wolf now pushing me back along the same line and then past the intersection

- the wolf got bored of stalking me the moment i bumped into some tree and took an aim

- i guess i should advance away from the mountains

- trees trees more trees and omg trees this Pleasant Valley is huge and very much the same littered with blind hills and forest

- reached some kind of a small pond that has cattails but didn't stop to grab them i want to find some kind of structure

- more aimless walking in the mild fog until a bridge appears, on the other side a field littered with multiple hay storage sheds and a big red barn

- a truck parked inside the barn is warmer and has a fire barrel right outside it

- on the second floor there is a workbench tricky to get to due to the big holes in the floor

- pried open three lockers and dropped off extra clothes

- repaired ski boots twice, the third got interrupted by darkness

- went downstairs to sleep in the truck

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Hey guys, I've been wandering if there are any trusty Loper guides about the regeneration rates or how much punishment we take from each ailment in this mode or perhaps if the veteran players know whether they can tell me. I appreciate all the help I can get. :)

I will probably post another Loper attempt at trying to last longer than five minutes sometimes soon. :D

Let's head back to my Voyager crusade. I'm sure there is a wolf waiting for me with the fork and ketchup already. :wolf:

Day 42


- this wind isn't friendly, repaired the ski boots and compared to insulated, while some criteria is better they are horribly heavy 4kg vs 1.5 and insulated are 20% more waterproof, finally decided to keep the ski boots and hide insulated in the locker

- repaired the fisherman sweater

- finished reading the survival book and dropped it into the firewood pile

- it's past midday, a wolf is hanging around very close to the barn, i wander if it's worth travelling or should i wait another day, pleasant valley is very big and it takes a long time to travel anywhere especially when you don't know where you're going

-  begin walking then go meh and return, finish repairing my fisherman sweater and organised locker space more, what in blazes is so heavy, i think i'm carrying bare necessities

- back to truck napping


Day 43

- wowzer, i like how it's clear but -6 even in all my very warm clothes!

- this barn is a wolf factory, wolves to the right wolves to the aft, everywhere wolves, had to take a twisted path across the field to get around them all

- eventually ended up taking a random direction all the way across the field and then over more snowdrifts

- there is no hypoth risk but i am losing warmth gradually and the weather got one degree colder instead of warmer as the day progressed

- when i was about to catch the chills i saw a circular rooftop of a silo peeking over the snow, upon closer examination it turned out to be a large farmhouse

- since the barn next to it had nothing i stepped into the iron double doors that lead to a basement

- another pair of ski boots, it seems pleasant valley is cold enough

- warmed up and ventured back out, there is a grey car that needs checking, went closer eeep! there is a bear next to it! full reverse!

- it seems predators love farming, there is a pack of three wolves hanging around one of the field wings

- can't see anything interesting around the farmhouse

- stood on the porch and repaired the ski gloves found in the basement three times, meh it's a waste, since ski boots are so good and ski jacket is good i thought gloves might be great too but my gauntlets are twice warmer, well these are good too, just not the best so far, i'd probably jump for joy on loper for ski gloves

- repaired the snow pants and replaced military pants, now i'm wearing two pairs of snow pants

- sneaked outside again the reached the grey car, not in vain since it had a green book on hunting

- checked out the first floor until it got dark

- hmmm 900 calories peanut butter at 11%  ... chomp! i feel good, rest

Night 43


- eep i fancy not waking fully rested in pitch dark while the blizzard howls outside

- crafted mushrooms then went downstairs to the fireplace and set two pots to boil max amount of water

- tried reading and receiving thirst complaint, read 1h, collected water and read two more hours to greet full daylight

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4 hours ago, tulkawen said:

how much punishment we take from each ailment in this mode

On Loper, as far as I know, the prioritization, as you might have noticed already, is freezing, far on top of the chart. After that, dehydration is the worst. After that, exhaustion and starvation are equal.

The last numbers to my knowledge are -20%h frozen, -2%/h dehydrated, -1%/h starved or exhausted. Easy to verify, just launch a Loper and test the ailment thanks to passtime function (5h passtime frozen=dead, 10h dehydrated= 1/5th health lost...). That might have been tweaked a bit in the last update, depending on if the Well Fed buff gets us to 110% or if the bar was reduced to 90%+10% for Well Fed (I personally bet on the 110% and thinks that's why we don't have the numbers anymore)

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Thank you! :) So, this penalty sounds like voyager, I thought it was more or maybe I just can't read the new bar.

haha You're most likely right about the reason!

I don't like it at all that we no longer have %. ¬¬ It was extremely helpful in terms of learning and managing the game.

I'm also wandering about this well fed buff. I just stuffed my character full and didn't get any indication or message about a bonus. ¬¬

The thing I figured best on Loper is that everything kills you in five seconds. :D A wolf sneezing on Timberwolf Mountain while you're at Mystery Lake will make you lose enough health that you'd need to eat 2000 calories and sleep 10h to get it back.

In terms of food I'm not so sure it's 1% only. Or maybe it's 1% if you're literally doing nothing but hurts you more if you are doing a physical activity. I had everything good except hunger and broke green crate 1h. Either the bar shows crooked or the way it went down most assuredly wasn't 1%. That just took this chunk out of my health. I was warm and everything it was indoor.

Another thing I wanted to ask is whether we're losing health while under affliction such as frostbite threat but no longer exposed. So you're indoor and well above zero, white bar, but it takes a while for fb threat to go away. I wander if health is penalized anyway.

What about regeneration? I'm guessing around 30% if you're lucky. I figured one solid chunk of sleep is best, but in terms of how it recovers, it's ambiguous.

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As promised! Another Interloper attempt. Newbie Crow :)

Day 1

- The Offset Falls, where in waterfall would this be? Hushed River Valley. I've been to a few maps by now, but never this one.

- Let's climb this bank and cross a tree bridge. I won't gather yet because I need to find shelter foremost.

- Literally one RL minute later: WOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! Even if I knew where I was going, I wouldn't know where I was going.

- minus 43C the wind is whipping and dicing... keep clinging to the mountainside in hopes of finding a cave, the series of small waterfalls cut the area making it following the bank uneven and with many dead ends

-  minus 51!!! that's EVIL!!! EVIL! even for interloper! I have four frostbites developing at the same time, never mind hypoth

- aaaawwhhhaawww!!! meeeercyyyy!!! somebody give me a fridge to warm up in!

- after hours of being the wind's punching bag stumbled onto some kind of rope... and rockface wall

- I'll take it.... this rope is longer than Timberwolf Mountain! Sitting on the ledge, fatigue drooping at 25% waiting for stamina to recover, hey it's only -28C here with windbreak

- The second fragment is brutal, make it or break it... hands burn red, feet keep sliding off at the weird angle on the very top of the cliff... go go go! ... phew... congratulations: frostbite is your winning prize for making it to the top!

- keep walking until I bump into the edge of the cliff... it has a can of peaches, one bandage and a cedar log

- i guess i'll go alongside it and hope to stumble into something useful in the blind...

- stumbled into a second frostbite, not that my health will ever go over 70% anyway after this

- ice cave? I've never been in one of these before! epic! -2C that's tropical compared to outside... lucky! it's not pitch dark in here... i can see somewhat!

- followed a corridor picking up twigs and checking all nooks, the fatigue burns furious red

- a nook... an adventurer to offer a stale candy bar... a survival book in the backpack, hacksaw... matches... AND! AND!

- BEDROLL!!!!! +2.5 warmth... it's -2 I heart you frozen guy!

- you have 2 seconds before hypoth develops... drop bedroll... you can't place it here... ahhh!! .... run two steps... drop bedroll! you can't place it here!! @#$@#$ run somewhere along the corridor... DROP bedroll!! yes! noooo! you now have hypothermia... awwwww....

- sleep 8h

- woke up thirsty... health around 25%  

- started a fire and began boiling water... +5 how nice... oh this guy has a campfire too and a cedar log... thank you!

- my pants went from 38% to 25% from that nice weather brrr! just thinking about is chilly

- once the thirst is satisfied grabbed a burning twig and went out to check the cave, it's not big and there is a rope leading down... I think this is an alternative to that other outside rope... then I probably shouldn't be going down

- returned to the cave exit... all right... i will starve in here so... hit me...

- aurora is out... the air rings crystal... i think the shroud of green and pink sings to me

- it's -38C... a snow path is winding between the cliffs...

- the torch is burning, i am not sprinting much, hoping this path leads me out of this death valley

- a row of bushes stands like the fence in the way. I can't squeeze through or around them... hey! out of my way grey twigs!

- grey twigs require a hatchet to break down...

- you have suffered a third frostbite... at this point the bears would feel sorry for me and would let me live in their cave cuddling to them... if I saw any bears... the only stupid out is this survivor

- turn around and head back to the cave... the world turns blurry...

- if I could make it there I could start another fire... smash my can of peaches and enjoy the 20% taste... sleep off the fatigue... if only... if only... i wouldn't fade into the long dark...


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