Evan McMillan

Survival Log-Day 1

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I woke up in a middle of a forest of some sort.I had no idea how I ended up there...All I could remember was the plane crash,then this place.I seriously hope that the guys in the plane are alright.Anyway,I stood up and had a look around the forest.It was pretty quiet to be honest,almost relaxing.I found a huge boulder and climbed on it.And then,a majestic view revealed itself in front of me.There was a birch forest,next to it was a barn,and several feet away from the barn-a huge house.I started to make my way down the steep,rocky hill.Probably the worst idea in my life.But i had to move fast,the weather started to change.Luckly, I made it without any injuries.I started to walk forward to the barn.I crossed the huge open field without problems and later i was standing in front of the barn's entrance.I took a deep breath and opened the door.It was mostly dark inside,the light was coming trough some cracks in the roof.There was a car,some hay bales,a workbench,some drawers and lockers,and a frozen body.I searched the whole place,sadly,the only thing I found was a box with tools with surprisingly,a good quality.I then made a bed out of some spare wood that I found upstairs.I managed to light it up the primitive way-only with a bark,some grass,and a stick,then I placed the body on the burning bed.I stood up there for a minute or two,then I started to make my way to the house.Halfway trough the field and the wind started to pick up.A storm was about to arrive.But I made it just in time.I entered the house and had a search around it.I found some books,a can of dog food and a can of peaches and a prybar.Also I found a box of matches,sitting under a table in one of the bedrooms.I started a fire and made some water.Tomorrow I will have a look around the house and then I will see where I am going to be heading.I'll write again as soon as I'm able.

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