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Trying Hopeless Rescue for the 1st time

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I think 4DON made me badge hungry, and I jumped straight into Hopeless Rescue. 

I started out at Trapper's with pretty good loot, like the rifle and mucklucks.

Pushing on, I briefly stopped to search the camp office and then move through Carter Dam.  I know that's a bit abbreviated, but there really wasn't much to say.  I pretty much was set on making it to the PV homestead before stopping to rest.  I didn't waste time repairing any clothing or overly searching for loot.  If I found something better than what I had, I swapped and dropped.  When I had to warm up with a fire, I'd brew some coffee that I found.

Nightfall set as I was going through the winding river, and the snows came while I ventured through the cave to PV.

Now it became a bit worrisome.  As I marched through the snow, a trick of the graphics would give snowflakes a shadowy look that created the illusion that a bear was charging down a hillside.  On top of that, I did spot wolves to avoid.  But, in the end, I reached the Homestead to stop for the night.

The next day was bad.  A blizzard was howling.  I decided to patch some clothing, while waiting to see if the storm would pass.  It didn't.  So, I went out with setting Draft Dodger's cabin as my goal.  With one sheltered warm-up fire in between, I made it.  Unfortunately, trying to wait out the storm not only wasted time, but I really should have rested more.  Coffee helped me climb the 1st rope toward Skeeter's, but I had to get a fire going and break out the bedroll for a few hours.

A nighttime climb brought me up to Skeeter's.  -And exhausted me.  -And I realized that I had left my bedroll at the bottom of that last rope. >:(  I decided to press on, hoping that I would find another bedroll along the way.  At least Point of Disagreement had cars I could rest in, after shooting the 2 wolves that stood in my way. 

After setting a fire by a car, I curled up for a few hours.  I wish I could say I was rested, but I wasted enough time as it is.  At least it was daytime again.

I made the last climb and entered the TWM region.  -Once again, exhausted.  The mountaineers hut had enough wood to warm me up as I got some better rest, but now it's snowing hard at night, and I can't see which direction is the best way to go.

I still haven't found a replacement bedroll, but I can usually find one in that sheltered crossroads cave, northeast of cave D.  

But I need to find my way there, first.

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After a couple of hours sleeping, and I'm off again.  Thankfully, there were no more problems as I made my way to my destination. 

-Until the blizzard hit.

I had to take shelter in the cave closest to the final rope to the top.  It did allow me to get plenty of rest, though.  The storm finally ended in the pre-dawn.  It was still very cold, but I was ready for the climb.  After a short ledge break, on the way up, I finally arrived at the top.   After getting a fire going in the tail section, and recovering the flare gun & flares, I began to get cutting with the hacksaw.  

I grabbed all of the ammo, an expedition parka, some other better clothes, MREs, stims, and an extra firestarter. 

Oh, and more coffee.

After brewing a few cups for the road, I started mountain-goating my way down to Crystal Lake.  After a brief warmup in the Mountaineers hut, I retraced my steps to PV.


Dense, dense fog greeted me.  Amazingly, I was able to reach the mine to CH with only one wolf encounter that resulted in a struggle.  I've been chugging so much coffee, you'd think I'd get addicted (downs a mug in one gulp).  Venturing through a nighttime fog, after exiting the mine, I reached the Log Sort.

I'm not sure if there were two or three wolves there to greet me, but a lighter fluid aided campfire scared them all off.  I had considered stopping at the trailer for the night, but my fatigue has been really good with all the caffeine in my system.  -Plus, I didn't want to wake up to another blizzard.

After a detour around those wolves, I set out on the ice, and leapfrogged from fishing hut to fishing hut.  Eventually I spotted the Bear near Misanthrope's.  Not wanting to push my luck, I hugged the left, and fired off several rounds to scare off the wolves in my path.

It was uneventful for the rest of my journey through CH.  

Things got much colder when I reached the Crumbling Highway.  I warmed up in the cave near the ruined houses and brewed more coffee.

I drank the coffee.

I shot the wolf.

I drank more coffee.

I started through the mine.

I drank more coffee. 

I reached the exit.


I slept until morning. 

I......  drank more coffee.

A cold snowy day greeted me.  I had to stop along the way to make a warming fire.  ...and I brewed more coffee.  At the stone church, a wolf came after me, but it changed its mind and preferred the bunny.

My destination in sight, and with no opposition on the path, I marched on to the lighthouse.  Not wasting time looking around, I load my flare gun, and climb the steps.

I fired off a solitary flare into the blowing snow, after my grand journey; which began 4 days, 22 hours, and 29 minutes ago.


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