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To practice my 3D modeling skills I decided to give the 'ol .303 a try. 

I used Blender and mostly hand-painted textures in Substance. I tried to make it as close to the model as possible with a few changes like removing the ring from the iron sights and adding an engraving into the stock. There was a lot to learn with this one, guns are deceptively hard to make! I don't know how to make photos smaller here so forgive me for the huge post.






Here's a better look at the stock in Substance Painter:


The process introduced me to a shocking discovery on just how low-poly the in-game model seems to be! I gained a lot more respect to the asset creators working for Hinterland Studios who made hundreds more items, especially since each clothing and food item has varying degrees of condition that can visually be seen and therefore more work!

So, am I hired, Hinterland?

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