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Waterfall in DP near Matt's truck makes me nervous as well. I had not learned that the moose was king of the bridge yet and on a really windy day, with waterfall noise in the background, I was gathering fir on the hill across from the truck when i heard what sounded like an angry moose..bah must be the wind i said to myself. The voice in my head kept telling me to go investigate to make sure i was not going bananas. So i climbed to the top of the hill, arrived on the corner of the bridge only to leap off edge just in time to avoid Mr. Moose charging..As i downed some painkillers for my ankles I said to myself, "guess i found the moose in DP."

So do you strictly stick with "the Catherine?" I try to maintain at least on hatchet mostly for encounters of the wolf kind. After reading sleepwalkers i made a new run to see what this lady is all about. 

1 hour ago, BareSkin said:

I drop the heavy hammer.


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Posted (edited)
17 minutes ago, ogreranger said:

So do you strictly stick with "the Catherine?"

Yes, I don't see the benefit from having a hatchet. Only exception is when I used it for crafting at Trapper's bench during my Sleepwalker0 run (Bareskin14?), I think I found the hatchet right there or in nearby Camp Office. That's because I consider any wolf struggle as a lost run, from experience. Plus science isn't that conclusive about the weapons, I have a vertical mouse, and usually I carry the prybar. @tulkawen explained the benefit of crafting a hatchet for chopping wood (quite obvious in fact), but I never chop wood.

Never seen this bridge Moose in DP, just heard the legends about it. Maybe because I actually never cross that bridge? I'm either in the tunnel or on the ice. This hammer, I dropped it with a smile. Like, no hard feelings bro :D Catherine is the best lady in the game, period. Key item.

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BareSkin35- D28 [ Sleepwalker level 8]


The first one that will live on

I rest until noon, start a new fire to leave the place with full stomach. It breaks my heart to leave calories, but that’s the way I play it since I have to get near the Wolfhouse. I leave the place in a very nice fog. Before exiting in OIC, I have choices to make: I leave 5L water in order to take all the coal I can and some more torches.

While navigating OIC mountain-side, I see wolves everywhere. But they don’t exist for real. The whole travel back to Jackrabbit is a breeze. I find one snare ruined. Only 1 left, but I should have cured guts inside, we’ll see tomorrow in daylight.


Is it the longest travel without a bed?

BareSkin35- D29 [ Sleepwalker level 8]

Today mission is making a bow. I prioritize snares and leave the workbench at midnight with a bow and 1 arrow. I sleep in the nearby cabin, can’t see a damn thing.


Snowflakes are hard to hit

BareSkin35- D30 [ Sleepwalker level 8]

Wake up at noon as an official Hunter. I would like to craft some more arrows, but it’s too cold and I have no fuel left, so I head back home and plant my brand new snares. Evening sees some cooking, I planned to visit the upper part of the map near Lookout, but I’m too hungry and have priorities. And the weather is bad, even if not awful.

I realize the rabbit meat stock I have would bring me to the morning but not much farther. I don’t want to be hungry in a cold morning, so I take 3 deer pelts and my last 4 cured guts, my bow and only arrow, and go say hello to a deer I spotted near the workbench when I left.

The deer refuses to die on the ice, fine for me since it runs to the workbench. I grab my arrow back, the next shot is a good one. Once quartered, I patiently harvest the 8kg safely indoors before going to bed. It’ll all be cooked in cold morning since I have only 10 sticks and 1 coal. It’s an aurora night, I’m sad I’m not at Jackrabbit with my dead bunnyfriends to take advantage of the TV.


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16 hours ago, BareSkin said:

Before exiting in OIC, I have choices to make: I leave 5L water in order to take all the coal I can and some more torches.

Coal is compressed water. It only takes some time do decompress :)

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Yeah there are only 3 material resources in TLD: Ignition, Fuel, calories. Only time I would leave coal is if it's against hacksaw. Can't wait to get some bushcraft fire starting, matches should only be a temporary starting fix.

2 more resources are valuable: time, good weather. And most of all their combination.

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BareSkin35- D31 [ Sleepwalker level 8]

I wake up thinking that had I been a deadman… I should try once more someday. Plan goes well in the morning with a full cold bonus (AT-31), and I approach Cooking5, heavily using my “Code is Law” motto. At 7am the winds turn, my fire is reduced, and I’m out of fuel. I have to run back home from the bench, and barely avoid hyporisk because of a surprise wolf on the shore side of my home island. Greeted by 2 snared rabbit and 190 sticks in the fridge, I’m covered.

The only thing I actually miss is a mag lens. I make some repairs, I feel like I might be able to beat the curve for some days and craft arrows without a fire, maybe? Idea works, I craft 1 arrow without spending fuel. Warmup sleep, and I come back for 2 more snares. Sleep in the nearby cabin.

BareSkin35- D32 [ Sleepwalker level 8]

Wake up very early from lack of water, I could use the teas but the winds make the bench campfire shielded, time to finish the cooking and a third arrow. Also start the second deer pants. A morning storm stops me after 1h on the pants.


Wake up again at noon, rested this time. Direction Log Sort to get the rest of the stocked fuel, then back to home, but I’m hit by the second storm for today and the winds push me the other way, back to the bench. The best hours are lost to weather, but I learn more about carcassing in a big book.

In the evening the winds are still here but they tilted, one of the campfire at the bench is shielded. I craft the pants until sewing kit dies (another at home but I couldn’t come back), I finish all the cooking and the winds die before midnight.

While transferring home, I can’t see a damn thing, and of course get barked from the darkness. I have to stay at the fire until the second attack to hardly notice where this wolf is fleeing.


A chance his green eyes are shining.

BareSkin35- D33 [ Sleepwalker level 8]


Arriving home I find 4 snared rabbits to greet me, nice. In the morning, I get Fire 3 and Cooking5. Sleep until nice hours, grab a sewing kit and part of my 200+ sticks stack, go continue the pants.


On the road to the bench, a deer presents itself to me, headshot, I quarter it during 1h, and leave everything here, my mission is the pants. I craft 2hours before needing a fire. There are still 4h left of work before I’m exhausted.


surprisingly, the wolves won't bother

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BareSkin35- D34 [ Sleepwalker level 8]


Before dawn the campfire is sheltered: back to work, I light the fire but don’t even have the time to put a coal before it gets killed. Sleep more, winds die around 9AM. Finish around 2PM (have to eat my last 2 cattails), have to go back home for food. Deers are hare, 1 arrow bounces off, I abandon the hunt to avoid hyporisk. At home I have to grab a beef jerky to keep the feeding buff. Once heated up I go grab the quartered deer from yesterday.

BareSkin35- D35 [ Sleepwalker level 8]

Mission for today: cooking in the morning, hunting the Jacket in the afternoon. The first part goes well until noon blizzard. Some sleeping later, weather still bad. Time for reading and washing Fatigue off.

BareSkin35- D36 [ Sleepwalker level 8]

Stick day, and harvesting rabbits. After noon, the day is lost to weather.

BareSkin35- D37 [ Sleepwalker level 8]

AT-40 in the morning, it’s getting cold. Back to 100% health. In the afternoon I reach the gas station, in a very nice protective light fog, tea in a fishut on the way, plus crappy clothing and yellow candy bar in the green car. Found crackers and a ski jacket in the static unburnt house nearby, marginally better than the light shell (same total bonus, but more raw warmth).

At the gas station: whetstone (=knife), storm lantern (bulky, useless), coffee, granola. The green can near the fridge is still fake. No wolf in wolf town tonight, I check all the cars, and the house near the lake. They are all patrolling the carcass I don’t need. Aurora night is a good news: I came here to craft arrows. I learn the the Qonset Manager is... a woman 😲



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Posted (edited)
2 hours ago, BareSkin said:

I learn the the Qonset Manager is... a woman 😲

Well that would be an unexpected turn... but is the name Quincy Barbara or Barbara Quincy? I think the Qonset Manager remains as mysterious as before :D

Edited by Drifter Man
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BareSkin35- D38 [ Sleepwalker level 8]

After crafting some arrows, I again lose the nice hours to bad weather. I can escape at nightfall, I head to the carcass cause I need baits. I look right and left before crossing the road, as mom taught me, drop my fire and get meat. 4 wolves drop dead, 3 others steal me an arrow before I have to get some sleep. Somehow I end up with only 1 arrow, I had 7. Around midnight, I return to the garage safely: no more wolves are interested in the deer guts.


Back from baiting the fourth wolf

BareSkin35- D39 [ Sleepwalker level 8]

On my away to quartering the kills, I find 2 arrows, certainly some from missed shots. 1 carcass I eat, the other I quarter. Team building. On the two other carcasses, I find an arrow, use coal and quarter both. One Jacket is now curing near the bench. Ready for day 45, in exchange for 3 arrows. I look for crows of dead wolves (those who ran), to no avail.


BareSkin35- D40 [ Sleepwalker level 8]

Harvest-cook the whole wolf meat in the morning. I will need these steaks there when crafting the jacket later. At noon the fog is very thick, time for 1 more arrow, then it’s time to explore the upper map, and get tons of sticks (main reason). But heavy fog is back before I arrive at the first house above Qonset, I end up shooting a deer, but I miss. Back to square one with 35 sticks. I escape in a grandma’s fog (FL-8) back home. My home is where the food is: rabbit springs. My calorie needs should drop a bit now, cause I don’t harvest guts or pelts.


I wasn't that far

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BareSkin35- D41 [ Sleepwalker level 8]

Fully rested, I make some rabbit and cloth repairs. Then shielded-cooking in a storm. I start a new stick run before it gets too cold: Log Sort-Trailer- Mine (38 coals)-Lookout. I arrive exhausted, overweighted, and lose 2% to hyporisk. But found a stim in the mine. I don’t use them anyway…

I eat the chocolate bar that is here, find matches, and warm up a bit before going for the stag I can hear from here, but the fog is too thick to hunt.

BareSkin35- D42 [ Sleepwalker level 8]

In the morning, we negotiate a lot with stones, missed arrows, but the deer finally agrees to help me.



Spend a coal to feed myself on the carcass, drop all the cooked meat at the lookout, also the sticks, I keep coal, and climb down to the bear cabins. One more prybar… and beef jerky. No bear to hunt.

Back at the gas station, the purple car treats me with matches, 1 cloth, 1 shooting book and 600 calories! Crouched, I hear wolf steps, but see no wolf. I run to the garage door.

At nightfall, the weather turns to storm the moment I arrive at home (3 rabbits, 1 ruined). Total, I’m just short of 100 coals and 200 sticks (+100 at Lookout/Qonset). Fuel should be OK until day 100.

BareSkin35- D43 [ Sleepwalker level 8]

Stick’n’meat routine on the island, plus reading about sewing kits and fishing lines.

BareSkin35- D44 [ Sleepwalker level 8]

Early morning = process the new rabbits, make my belly full and proceed to Misanthrope with sticks and water, let’s check if there’s a bear nearby. AT-33 at 10 am in a fog, since I meet a rabbit I have to run to the homestead to keep all of my health.

Looking for the bear (bones in the cave), I shoot a deer (2 missed, 1 headshot) but don’t care about it yet, since the zone is free of any wildlife I go to the burnt coastal houses to loot the carcass meat and many sticks.

Locate the bear on my way back, sprain an ankle and lose 10% health to hyporisk to set up my trap. Loading an indoor could make it disappear. Only 3 arrows left, 1 broken on the deer, one on my first bear shot. I patiently cook the meat before my second chance.I’m so awful with a weapon, certainly my European blood?

screen_204f8fbb-cba2-48f2-bdfd-36a6f7fe65fd.thumb.png.6bb9898530d696ef0d6807a190b0d6ab.png screen_e0bc40b6-4657-40b8-8329-8ec5f20040aa.thumb.png.ecf53e8286f66d5eaf28d433fc36f451.png


A charging bear is always impressive

I end up hitting the bear once (this picture), missing the next shot. When my fire dies, the fleeing bear (from missed second shot) didn’t come back: I look for it, and from utter irony, I shield myself behind the carcass to quarter it! Once finished, I’m exhausted, I leave everything here, as I’m already hugely over-weighted. I limp back to Misanthrope.




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BareSkin35- D45 [ Sleepwalker level 8]

I lighten myself as much as I can and go grab the 2 kills from yesterday. Now that matches are my most important resources, I spend coffee at night to continue cooking and benefit the bonus from the -10°C from storm, but the winds turn my hope down after the third bag, which is not that bad. The meat is secured and that’s the most important.

My new fridge

According to my journal I should be able to make my jacket by now.

BareSkin35- D46 [ Sleepwalker level 8]

Winds are too strong at 10am to transfer to the station (FL-32), and I also fear the wolves respawn that would force me to a sneak approach and freeze to my death: I learn about sewing instead. 2h later the winds now push my to the station, time to go. I run to the shore house, 1h sleep, then run to the station with 6 bear steaks, no barking. The perks of not being a deadman: a regular wildlife respawn.

I find 8 cured guts and 4 wolf pelts at 99%. Craft 4 snares and start the jacket. My knife is at 71% when I start.


BareSkin35- D47 [ Sleepwalker level 8]

Jacket crafting all day long

BareSkin35- D48 [ Sleepwalker level 8]

I have to spend a match in the morning for water. Since I hear howling, I drink to the wolves return chewing some meat I stole from their buddies.

BareSkin35- D49 [ Sleepwalker level 8]

Jacket finished at noon, it took half my improvised knife (=1 whetstone). I make 3 new arrows before leaving back home just before dusk in a sweet but thick grandma’s (FL-6). One of the wolves hidden in it goes crying once he smelled my brand new jacket. I set a direction from memory, and stick to it whatever happens. It works, I end up at Jackrabbit, god knows how.




I chose to trust my self and my instincts: the Force guided me back home. Improbable only luck has been involved.

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48 minutes ago, BareSkin said:



You hereby forfeit the right to use the name "Bareskin" :P

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12 hours ago, Drifter Man said:

You hereby forfeit the right to use the name "Bareskin" :P

Even less justified with the makeshift clothing we just got... Let's say it's a valid "legacy" account name :D

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BareSkin35- D50 [ Sleepwalker level 8]

Lots of cooking in the morning, many sawed rabbits to process. I use 1 of my 95 coals. I cook some 0% raw meat, and eat 50% pieces few minutes later. I’m really nice at cooking! With all the meat pieces I have on me, 3 wolves come check my fire and say hello.

60 matches + 1 bloody firestriker left and 50 days to go, it should be OK even with CF kicking in soon. I just have to avoid being dumb, and that’s a challenge. The afternoon sees an attempt for a nice double kill, but of course that’s the moment the wolves are not here anymore… Still, I’m rewarded with a retrieved broken arrow I lost… when?

After reloading the maps, the wolf is back but the winds too.


BareSkin35- D51 [ Sleepwalker level 8]

Morning routine (grab sticks, process rabbit inside). Transfer to Log Sort at noon, plan is to get up the river during warm hours and hit the Cattails Jackpot. Food is going off so fast in SW8 even the bear bags don’t ease my mind. And a bear coat or bedroll would help fighting Fever. The best possible weather gives me FL-7.

The trailer treats me with a nice thin wool sweater, and I find matches again on a corpse under the bridge near Ravine. On my way down , I grab cattails and few coals, nothing in Rabbit Grove but bag two rabbits. The next bed is too far now since the winds put me in FL-18 and I have maybe only 2h of Rest left, I’ll sleep here. Go bag another rabbit and few cattails, no bear to be seen or heard. Lose a match again, misclicking the torch.

At nightfall, I already benefit a full cold bonus. Winter is here.


BareSkin35- D52 [ Sleepwalker level 8]

Spend the morning making rabbit repairs, and napping a bit in between. I also bring my knife back to life patiently in the snow , NedStark-style.

This is the moment I switch to new version

At noon I make my fire near the Bear Creek carcass for 1.6kg meat I can’t fully eat. It starts snowing shortly after my stomach gets full and I get the bad feeling that the weather’s gonna turn, so I follow the river downstream, torch in hand, I have no smellies but the constant howling puts pressure on me.

No cattails survives. The bear is here, I can hear it, but the weather turns awful, and I don’t see any safe place to hunt it from. Few meters down, I find the hunting position, but it is exposed and the weather is still unstable, and I have no smellies to attract the bear. I pay my recon time with an unneeded fire warmup before arriving home, since the way is blocked by a patrol. Scored 50 cattails, paid with 2% life. This pause lets me discovers the new bird (?) sounds from the update. I also like how the screen focuses now even in intifada mode.


As soon as I get home, I light the campfire up for some cooking, and proceed to make bandages (been ages I didn't make one), since I’ll need them for sprains from now on. I drop 3 of my 5 rose hips teas. 6 snares left.

BareSkin35- D53 [ Sleepwalker level 8]

Waking up, I’m glad I chose Jackrabbit for this Bareskin: since there’s no birch around, I doubt I’ll ever live here again. 5 snares left. The sticks became rare. Second phase of challenge begins… Oh, yesterday I pull 4 torches at 50%, did they change the code to it?

In the evening, double kill I can’t quarter without fuel, it’ll be for tomorrow morning. Aurora night, I make more repairs.


BareSkin35- D54 [ Sleepwalker level 8]

Fully rested at 4 PM, I go make water near the 2 carcasses from yesterday. Quarter the wolf for additional pelt, for late repairs of the jacket. 2 climbs back home from the carcasses while over-weighted gives me 2 sprains. Makes sense, it’s a pain but it’s much better than getting sprained randomly on flat ground. Blurred vision is the same with 1 or 2 pains. I let a good sleep wash off al these conditions.



Islands are steep


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BareSkin35- D55 [ Sleepwalker level 8]

Full day of blizzard/storm: lots of reading Stay on Target. AT-44 when I wanted to go get a second bear skin at 4 PM… I start to maintain some Cabin Fever hygiene.

BareSkin35- D56 [ Sleepwalker level 8]

Switching to Misanthrope… the last bear/deer bags disappeared? Oh come on… Well, lesson learned. At least I get 12 cured guts inside.

At the Gas station I craft 7 new snares before it’s too dark, I find the blue pickup outside near the bed perfect for cabin fever mitigation. Something Trapper’s doesn’t have. Funny thing tho, that you get +3° bonus when passing time in a car, but not if you pass time without the game function for it.

BareSkin35- D57 [ Sleepwalker level 8]

Total 15 snares + 3 arrows, back to Misanthrope in FL-4. Several fuel runs, then cooking the raw bear that is left. I suddenly think I need to process the bags at Jackrabbit sooner than I planned.


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BareSkin35- D58 [ Sleepwalker level 8]

Transfer 64 sticks to Jackrabbit, and I decide to place 5 snares out of my 18 total. I came back for fear of loosing the meat bags from Day 54, but it's already too late. Then back to Misanthrope cause I really want a bearskin coat, never had one. Finished cooking the bear meat for the whole evening, from dusk to midnight.


When I left home day 54. Now the bags disappeared. Never happened before, was I impatient before or did they changed the code to it?

BareSkin35- D59 [ Sleepwalker level 8]

Wolf on the lake is not a good omen for bear presence, but the deer I killed at the same time is respawned… I look for it until noon, then snowstorm. Repair the Mackinaw and underwear with curtains, since I’ll have to sleep in here. Do I have very good CF hygiene or did it become even more bugged than before?

Back home at midnight, because in SW8 hunger is too important to leave rabbits to rot in traps.

BareSkin35- D60 [ Sleepwalker level 8]

Still no bear near Misanthrope, but I spend one of my precious matches near a fishing hut for water. The weather is not getting any better, I don't regret not having a mag lens.



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BareSkin35- D61 [ Sleepwalker level 8]

Perfect weather, I cross the frozen lake/shore, don’t stop at the gas station (2 wolves), sprain going uphill, stop at the trailer near the bear cave (1 reclaimed). No bear, I limp my body to the cabins under the 2-ropes-Lookout. The bear is here! Hanging near the cabins. Too bad I’m sprained and can’t climb the first rope to shoot it… I bandage my leg, drink rose hip tea and get 1 story up. I hit him once (and miss twice), but it doesn’t bleed out.


I climb one more rope up to sleep at the Outlook. I take all the fuel (and 2 maples) I left here before going to sleep on full stomach thanks to the meat that’s left here.

BareSkin35- D62 [ Sleepwalker level 8]

Had to make water in the middle of the night, after climbing back down in midnight light. An aurora starts as I finish the first half liter, I don’t like is a lot, an aurora bear is nearby. What had to happen happened: the bear arrives. I miss my only shot before running into the cabin. Partly because I had to screenshot at the same time, but that was worth it.


I'll have to wash my pants

Next morning I grab the arrow back and try to ambush the bear, like in any good war tactics, and it works. But the arrow has been shrugged away, I’ll have to do it again.

screen_09751009-71e7-4922-80b7-e720a68c4aed.thumb.png.fabcd7cda9038ef8541a930158dfeaad.png screen_a977f63a-97d5-4ac8-8d19-9edf32130103.thumb.png.fd5ff5204c6b8188b5d809a0a2c84737.png

From another nice spot, I stuck 2 arrows in the beast. It’s not enough, I look for his corpse but find him Schrödinger-alive, back to my spot I patiently wait for him to walk through the canyon he uses to ambush players. Irony. He drops dead in front of me with this last shot. Can quarter only halfway, due to blizzard arriving. I’m exhausted anyway, so I head back to the cabin for a nice sleep until warm hours, but the weather doesn’t get better until dawn.


While I transport the bags to the cabin, the new sounds scare me quite efficiently: one of them resembles a lot a crying wolf. I then realize I’ll have to spend time here to cook all this meat.

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