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survival: the procedurally generated story mode

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have had this game since forever, but i never truly "got into it", i think i survived 10 days my first ever run but was eaten by a bear.. i recently saw the retail trailer on youtube and thought, hm, let's see how the game is these days and i started voyageur on ML just to check things out, and, wow..

i mean, for sure these cooking mechanics are new (to me), also, i think there's 2 new maps here? maybe 3? also, i should have read the patch note history, but i'm still lowkey mad that you guys knew there was a rogue moose on the loose and didn't let me know. don't worry, i got him, but my poor heart..

the art style has always been legendary in it's relative graphical simplicity but there's a level of polish and cleanness to everything now that's awe inspiring.. anyways, i'm at day 50 in that same voyageur run, and yeah, i want to go for the 500 day achievement, but i think i'm going to restart on stalker.. there's so much loot and resources to manage, i'm a bit distracted and overwhelmed.. i can already tell i'm of the more nomadic play-style, and yet, the packrat part of my mind won't let me leave all these valuable things alone when i see them, at least, i have to move it all to my home base, so it's basically just been 50 days of consolidating everything in ML to Trappers, and with the wildlife i've run into just moving around the map, i've already crafted deer boots, rabbit mitts, moose satchel, wolf jacket, about to make a bear skin bed roll soon as i find the second one..

i feel like a king and not sure if i earned it exactly, i dunno, i think i'll go map FM and practice real survival living and give the forge a test drive, then restart on that stalker run.. not that i haven't had close calls, but my brushes with death have been all self-induced dangers, like trying practice archery on moving wolf targets at 100m out, or climbing ropes too tired and encumbered and falling off, how about the time i forgot to treat food poisoning i got from eating a mouldy granola bar and went to bed.. for 9 hours... lmao. i'm such a survival scrub.. 

however you cut it though, this game is one of the best things i've ever experienced and i recommend it to everyone.. it's a form of meditation for me, and i especially love how the survival mode allows for events and stories to unfold that feel organic and unique, as if i'm the only person to ever experience such a thing in the history of TLD players.. congrats to everyone at hinterland for nailing such a thoughtful and honest game, it's a masterpiece..


 peace oot.

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Hey, glad you're enjoying it. Can I make a suggestion about how to manage resources?

Use caves. They are awesome once you get enough clothing on the go. A fire made right in the mouth of the cave will get the "cold bonus" (this can turn a 12 hour fire into an 18 hour fire pretty easily), so you sleep warm. I use caves extensively and drop some firewood, water, and meat in the entranceway (where the meat will benefit from outdoor decay times) and leave hides in the back of the cave (to cure, or because I just can't carry them at the time). 

I have that stuff all over the place, because that way when bad weather blows in I'm never too far away from somewhere where I can get a fire going, eat, drink, and be merry while I wait for it to blow by.

Having all your stuff in one place on the map simply means you can be really really screwed if you find yourself in bad straits in the place on the map the absolute furthest distance from it. If you have resource drops in all the caves, you'll never have far to go when a blizzard comes in and starts to really put the boots to you.

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