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3 hours ago, Cr41g said:

Abandoned or Destroyed Lookout ?

Yeah sorry, Destroyed. To me an early game shelter in an indoor that allows you to warmup in bed, since you usually have no ignition.

@Drifter Man Oh, right, thanks for the tip. I've never stopped there I guess (except Wintermute), my second paranoia (after wolves) is being trapped down a rope with no bedroll, I know I must work on myself about that :D. I welcome the loot tips now, I'll clearly not play Interloper anymore, and won't get the loot experience on SW4+ or Deadman.

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7 hours ago, Drifter Man said:

I don't know about any static matches in ML, which makes it a harder starting region.

There are none, correct. The ones you pointed out are probably the easiest option. Unless I am missing something the next statics I can think of are Spence's and Signal Hill.

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