That's the stories of a new player first interlopers. Background is a completed Hard Mode Wintermute (Ep 1-2), and the Nomad Challenge. The challenge was way too easy compared to wintermute, even without knowing the maps. Easy challenges make someone rely on bad habits, like "hey let's go the easy way, anyway even if I fight a wolf, I'll easy-win" or "no need to hunt, there's tons of food everywhere" or "why would I craft/use a bow when I found 4 rifles? and 100+ ammos?" So, I decided to go to the sandbox for the first time. I'll never play any other difficulty. I don't know the maps, the guaranteed spawn locations. I play with a newbie POV, and I'd like readers not to tell me where to find what unless I ask, but I doubt I would ask. I hope it will be fun for you to read, knowing what I missed for not knowing the map.