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PS4/Pro a lot of serious problems.

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First of all, sorry for Google-translator.


I confirm all messages from other players in other topics about the constant crashes of this game. Also, my profile settings file has been corrupted several times already, and I lost all the in-game achievements. I sent reports about errors and crashes every time, more than a hundred times and finally I got bored. This is why I stopped playing a few months ago and began to wait for corrections of these problems. After the release of last 1.33 and 1.34 patches, I was hoping to see fixes for these big problems, but things got worse. The described problems are not corrected, the game crashes even more often several times an hour. I need to keep a backup of the Profile file permanently, to restore the damaged one. I reinstalled the game, changed languages, game settings and PS4 settings. Nothing has changed, no effects.

But today I got a top issue. After another crash, I restarted the game and saw that the save file was gone. Evaporated. Not damaged as Profile, but just disappeared.

It's as incredible as unacceptable for console versions of the game. Where there is no such variety of hardware, software and other things. May be i experiencing a separate issue, but no other game can boast of such bugs, so many issues at this stage of supporting the game after one year from the release date. In general, no other game had such problems. Never.

I sympathize with bugs in games, some of them are funny, some of them are angry with me. But I believe that technical problems with maintaining the integrity of files are unacceptable.

My dear Hinterland. One year (!) after the release date of your wonderful game, you became my personal champions. You are on the first place in the list of developers who are so careless about the technical support of their product. Congratulations!


And now, can you finally fix this or is it technically impossible for you?

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Yeah the crash what makes me stop playing this game, i always come back whenever new patches arises though hoping they fix the crashes. I have both pc and ps4 version, on pc it never crash but on ps4 its prone to crash.

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Hi Gratefall and wolkenwand , thanks for following up about this issue. Crashing and dataloss is hugely frustrating - nobody wants to be kicked out of the game or lose a save they've put a lot of time and care into. 

The stability of the game of PS4 has been a priority for us and the team has addressed many problems that were occurring at launch -- certainly the game shouldn't be crashing multiple times an hour!

If you haven't done so since the most recent update, please try the following steps:

  1. Uninstall the game from your console
  2. Turn of your PS4 completely -- instructions for a full power-down are posted here:
  3. Turn on your PS4 and reinstall The Long Dark.

These steps should help rule out problems related to missing or corrupted game files, and flush any lingering system issues.

Save data loss should be very rare -- however they can occur if the game or system crashes while a save is taking place. This is more likely to occur during longer play sessions. If you find you have been playing for 2 hours or more, you may find it helpful to relaunch the game.  You can also create backups of your save on an external USB drive, (or online if your are a PS+ subscriber). More information about creating back-ups can be found here:

On our side, we are continuing to investigate issues that could impact memory or stability. Some of these have been difficult to resolve, and we apologize that they've affected your enjoyment of them game. Hopefully we will see some improvements after the reset and reinstall!

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