Pancakes... Pancakes for everyone!

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Just a quick "Hello!" from someone that some of you may know, who has been lurking here for as long as I have been on the Steam forums. 

Yes, Steam is easier, so I have always posted there. 

Steam is also a bit more toxic, and less enjoyable to try to use these days, in spite of Hinterland doing their best to enforce Valve's Discussion Rules & Guidelines. And it has been dragging me down with it.

So here I am, bearing stacks of delicious Pancakes, with real Canadian Maple Syrup, for all to enjoy.

We'll see if I can get into the swing of things here, and get back on the cleaner, and friendlier road I used to walk on.

Wish me luck, and have a Pancake...


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Hey how's it going! I use a different name here :)

Those are the most amazing pancakes I have ever seen! I'm imagining the little maple leaves are raspberry jam flavored YUM

See you around Steam or out on the frozen wastelands :coffee:

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Just hanging out, trying to hide in dark corners, and eat my Pancakes in peace, lol!

Different name than my Steam or Twitter names, but... not too hard to figure out who I am. 

Good to see more folks joining the community-at-large here.  :)

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