Pancakes... Pancakes for everyone!

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Just a quick "Hello!" from someone that some of you may know, who has been lurking here for as long as I have been on the Steam forums. 

Yes, Steam is easier, so I have always posted there. 

Steam is also a bit more toxic, and less enjoyable to try to use these days, in spite of Hinterland doing their best to enforce Valve's Discussion Rules & Guidelines. And it has been dragging me down with it.

So here I am, bearing stacks of delicious Pancakes, with real Canadian Maple Syrup, for all to enjoy.

We'll see if I can get into the swing of things here, and get back on the cleaner, and friendlier road I used to walk on.

Wish me luck, and have a Pancake...


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Hello! I don't know if you can recognise me. It can be tough.:P

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