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Good evening, 


-I've just bought the game, and I can't use the fire menue ! I have tried on all the missions, all the difficulties... It's very embarasting because I can't boil water and the game is blocked. screen_a8b6ea08-39c4-4ee8-a738-226eb09ccef3_hi.thumb.png.f71327b1eee4f4d482d497a94fc2f2e1.png

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Hi @Mongolie2, thanks for your post! We recently updated the game with a new cooking system. Players now melt snow or cook food by interacting with the large "burner" areas around the campfire on on a stove.

To melt snow, place a can or pot on the cooking areas that are highlight in red (from your screenshot, it looks like you have already done so). Next, click on the can to bring up the cooking menu. You should see options to melt snow, and can also make tea or coffee or heat food if you have the supplies. Some food, such as canned soup or meat can also be placed directly on the burners to cook.

Hope that helps! More information about this and other new content can be found here: 


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