i can't make a water

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when I get to the second day (day 2), I need to make a water, but i cant i take all from the place I make a bonfire but when i click on the bonfire I can't make there a water and I can't to the mission, what I supposed to do?!

screen_(1986, 385, 1423)_f8df0e23-a3c2-43dd-9da0-4b5a01350844.png

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There was a cooking overhaul in the Vigilant Flame update, you can find the patch notes here.

Long story short: now you need a container to melt snow/boil water. You should have a can in your inventory: drop it on the ground or use it from the radial menu/campcraft, place it on one of the two big rocks (right side of the fire in your screenshot), then click the can and the option to melt snow will pop up.

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