*GLITCH* Cooking time for liquids/canned food resets

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I will do a recording of this the next time this occurs for proof.

I decided to play after the hotfix patch just released, after the last major "vigilant flame" update. I just made a fire for over 4 hours and was only able to boil 3 "recycled can" waters (think .13 gallons?) and one tomato soup. The waters and soup kept resetting their boiling/cook time 4 - 5 times on me in a combination of ways...

1) I left the fire circle area, only to return and see the boil/cook timer back at the original time-left amount.

2) I LMB clicked on the item on a fire-rock, just to "put it back" via RMB and the timer would immediately reset after I placed it back.

3) I would do literally nothing, while remaining inside the fire circle mousing over everything but the fire itself, just to mouse back over the water/soup, to see that the timer has reset back to the maximum default boil/cook time.

 I've stopped playing due to this because the amount of time you can sustain a fire is absolutely irrelevant when it comes to needing water, and I assume this also happens with meat, although I had not attempted to cook meat while this glitch was occurring.

Seriously? How do you spend such a long time working on an update according your own claims, to have this actually be an issue... a core game schematic such as cooking being highly bugged, to the point where you can't possibly say that nobody on the dev team has noticed this... rather someone did notice this, and just chose not to bring it to the attention to others on the team. Unacceptable IMHO. Someone needs to lose their job in this regard... there's just absolutely no words for how botched your last update has been. What a total nightmare of a patch... I can safely say it goes down in the record books for one of the worst, most sloppy, head-fast patches I have ever seen across any platform, and of any game. And in reference to the lead/head dev, to being an individual who just replies in a snarky fashion on twitter 24/7 when any criticism is directed at the company what-so-ever... I've seen his posts, and they are just that... arrogant and pompous. Get rid of the ego's in the company you guys are running, and address the facts. The fact that you have a non-functioning cooking system in it of itself, being a core mechanic/function of the product your company is based on, needs to be addressed with logic, not straddled by some guy leading the team with a massive ego, who's said ego is absolutely irrelevant to a product that the same company he's leading, is trying to polish in order to make sales on.

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Hi stickNmove.  Experiencing bugs is extremely frustrating, and we're sorry to hear your encountered this. However, while feedback and criticism of the game is appreciated, negative personal comments about members of the team isn't necessary or helpful. Let's keep posts friendly and on-topic so we can get you back to surviving The Long Dark.

We're having some trouble replicating the issue you described on our side -- if we can, we'd like to get some more information about what you're seeing. 

Making water at a campfire has two phases, each with their own timers: Melting Snow and Boiling. Are you seeing the time reset in both stages, or just one?

Have you seen timers reset with any other cooked items, or just soup and water?

If you haven't yet done so, could you reboot and try the troubleshooting steps posted here and let us know if this issue still occurs? This will help us rule out issues like missing or corrupted game files.

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