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Shortly before Forlorn Muskeg came into the world of Great Bear Island I found this amazing game on Steam. The Long Dark then occupied my gaming experience almost exclusively. After the initial learning curve of what is possible in the game I started a Voyageur Run which I managed to continue for 275 days until my ultimate demise on Timberwolf Mountain. It was a sad day when due to my own greed and lack of planning I found myself between two rope climbs with no stim or coffee and no way to go back to my bedroll at the Waterfall Cave. Looking for a bear that I had shot and killed earlier before crows were added to kills to help in tracking, I had let myself get exhausted and night was falling. With wolves blocking my attempts to get back to the Mountaineers Cabin I stumbled around in the dark trying to find safe passage down at a time when I was unaware of the climbing capabilities of my character which could have aided in my descent back to safety. As with many desperate moments in The Long Dark, a bit of confusion and the propensity to make fatal mistakes overcame me and with the expectation of slipping past the predators and successfully get back to the Cabin, I became hasty and thinking the coast was clear I began walking in earnest toward my destination. In the almost complete darkness though a wolf detected my presence and moved in for the kill, and though I put up a valiant fight, I succumbed to my injuries and that most feared of all moments had arrived "You have faded into The Long Dark" appeared in Red on my screen.5b2563637599a_TheWolf.thumb.png.ab609ea69318743d9cad84421e753a5b.png

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