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The last time i played anything other than Interloper / Stalker was two years ago, so i am not sure if it's a bug or not.

I just started a Pilgrim for testing something and noticed that the weather was pretty rough. After a few hours i was freezing and after the first day there was a snowstorm - things i don't remember seeing in Pilgrim. It felt like playing Stalker (before Interlope - Clothing Update). Now i wonder if it has changed over time because of the clothing system, Interloper and custom mode or if it's a bug.

I write this because i thought that i would like that weather/temp combined with Interloper (for my next custom run). So has something changed over the years in Pilgrim that i didn't notice because i only played Stalker and later Interloper? Or is it a bug caused by the custom-mode update, that effected the tuning of the normal modes?

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Thanks for your post, @MueckE. The introduction of Custom Mode shouldn't have had any impact on the tuning of the other Survival Modes, although certainly they have been tweaked in the last two years as more content and mechanics were added to The Long Dark.

It's not impossible to see snowstorms or to freeze in Pilgrim Mode, but we will keep an eye out for possible issues with tuning. If you see any specific aspects of a Pilgrim game that seem clearly out of place, such as aggressive wildlife, very low temperatures, etc, please let us know.

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