Graphic issue, objects "flickering" or appearing suddenly

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I'm not sure if this will be considered as a "bug" but it definetely looks weird to me.

Whenever I walk towards a tree branch or grass, the object starts to flicker in some way.
If I'm too far away, I will not see entirely the object. If I get 2 steps forward from the previous location, the branch or the grass will fully appear, quite suddenly.

I am operating under Windows 10, my graphic card is a GTX 1050 Ti - 4 Go, processor Ryzen 1300W.
The game itself is the Gog version - 1.30.

I see that issue all of the times so it gets very annoying after a while..
I tried every kind of setting, from changing graphic quality to nvidia panel settings, vsync, etc...

Thanks in advance for your support.




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Thanks for your post, @adibo. This doesn't sound like a bug exactly, but we are interested in improving these types of visual elements of the game and appreciate the feedback.

Would you be able to add this to our Public Bug Database for tracking? You can find it here:

Thanks for your help!

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Thank you for your reply, I have logged the bug (TLDP-5505).

Also I have noticed that snow sometimes dissapear very suddenly on top of some of items (see below for examples), if I take 2 steps back.
I guess it has something to do with the draw distance.. I tried to raise the distance for terrain details in the options, but does not seem to have any effect on it. My GPU and CPU aren't too stressed neither..

Is it a known issue?

Thanks again for the support, this game is brilliant so keep the good work =)

screen_(1927, 202, 625)_7324d77e-4a72-40dc-a5ec-302639664324.png

screen_(1928, 202, 624)_bd0ed569-ccfc-4c28-a1d8-2e1eb8920fe5.png

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Thanks for logging the issue in our Public Bug Database, @adibo.

Regarding the disappearing/reappearing snow as you mentioned, this is a known issue but one we're always looking to keep track of and make improvements on. If you increase your Level of Detail Quality graphics setting to a higher setting, such as Ultra, and increase your draw distance sliders, you should notice this occurring less frequently. Keeping in mind that increasing graphics settings output may impact performance on older or lower-end GPUs.

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