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First since it's my first post i would like to take time to congratulate everyone involved on the great job with this game. I enjoy every aspect of it. It's really refreshing. 
Since last update my game has multiple bugs. I tried to uninstall and re-install, didn't solve the problems. Playing on Xbone. Basically making it impossible to play. 

First is that there is no more sun cycle. It just stays there no matter what time of the day. 
Footsteps are multiplied by 10. It lays a trail of footsteps both humans and animals. 
The crafting menu has been " replaced", i guess, by numbers and text all across wich means i can not use it. 
I lost my previous saved game. 
In the main menu when trying to select new sandbox game, doesn't work. Found a way to make it work by re-selecting my player profile. 
I have been attacked by a wolf and in the game status it said thaat i died but was still alive. 

So, i maybe there's more, idk. I have not played that long since a could not craft a bandage to stop the bleeding. 

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Hi Touffe,
Thanks for your post and bringing this to our attention. Have you only experienced this issue after the update patch to version 1.29? What language is your Xbox One console currently set to? 
We're investigating some issues around launching the game when the console is set to specific languages. Do these issues still occur for you if you change your console language to English and relaunch the game?

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Hi support , 
Yes, the only time i had this issues was after last update. My Xbone is set to french. 
However, i found a way to fix it. 
I had to manually go and erase files from the game. There is 2 files, profil saved and room reserved for program, if i remember correctly. I deleted those and the game was fine after.  Kinda weird that uninstall didn't remove those files when i did the uninstall. 
I lost my previous badges but the game is working :-) 

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