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At first I need to say Thank You for TLD to the Hinterland team and also to the Bakers, who made this great game possible. thx

I didn't knew TLD before. I found it 4 weeks ago, at a boring Saturday afternoon at Youtube, while searching for sp survival games. I looked a few LP vids, and at the end it was the artwork and the silence that forced me, to buy the game instantly. A very good decision.

For me, this game is real art. TLD creates an impression that makes me be Will. When he freezes, it gets cold. When his stomach growls, I get hungry. And when I see a bear, my heart starts beating faster. I'm Will. Great. And if I make a wrong decision, I'm fading into the Dark. My fault.  :/

Oh "introduce yourself": Online since the 1990s, I survived WoW, so I think I also will survive TLD ;) ...

bb ... now it's time to carry my heavy load down from TWM to the coast.



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