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My new youtube uploads. (No narrations)

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I have recently starting recording my gameplays starting on 100 days survived (Voyager).
I play on PC with an Xbox one controller. It turns out that if you hit the center button on an Xbox one controller on Windows 10 it will give you a record button. I always knew this, but I never tried it until yesterday in order to test the quality and how long you can record for. It turns you that you can record in 1080p and for 2hrs. Perfect! So that is what I started doing. And I am uploading it on youtube. I do no narrating. and minimal (almost no) edits. So that is for people who enjoy that kind of style. 
My Voyager that I am recording, I will probably record until my character dies. (I highly doubt that I will die, but we'll see). 
These recordings can allow me to use it for various references. I can show people how to do stuff. I can point out glitches and bugs if I find em' (for fixing). ect.

My channel is here:

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