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Hey fellow survivors,

I'm new to the forums and have only been playing TLD for about 2 weeks; it's also my first survival game. I haven't enjoyed a game this much since FO4 and this even supersedes that in a lot of ways. 

Current run is 87 days on voyager with no end in sight provided I don't get overly confident and do something moronic. Right now I'm staying in the lighthouse in Desolation Point making trips back and forth to the mine so I can grab enough coal to craft a hatchet and knife. Have only explored ML and CH; PV in a past life but I got lost in a blizzard and attacked by a wolf when I got out of a car. Looking forward to exploring TWM, FM, and the rest of PV. Also looking forward to this update on XB One.  

Thank you Hinterland, for making a game of such unprecedented difficulty, artistry, and atmosphere. 

Glad to be on the forum.


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