Lost My Game after not playing it for a long time!

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I Bought my game a year ago i think, I played it for a while and then it became a little bit boring. I didn't play it for a year at least, now when i want to play it i looked in my library and it was gone. When i go to the store page it only says that i have to buy it again. Please Help, i really want to play that game again. And after all i have bought it already :/ And also when you look on my profile the hours on the game is gone too. All achievements are gone. Please help!

Steam profile: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198179514279/

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@Falx, There was a great save wipe less than a year ago before story mode. Are your badges still present? Thats about all that caried through. 

The save wipe was because the devs had worked on a new save architecture and wanted the transition to be not buggy as a result of incompatible save files. 

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