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Bug Reporting Best Practices

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We now have a Public Bug Database where players can submit issues to our team directly. Please report any bugs you find there and not in the forums, as it is much easier for us to track them this way! 

Just click on the red Create button near the top of the page to submit a new issue.

When creating a new report, please include the following information:

  • What operating system you are using (PC, Mac, etc)
  • A thorough and specific description of the bug
  • What steps we could take to reproduce this bug
  • A screenshot, if relevant (Press F8 to take a debug screenshot)
  • Location coordinates, if relevant
  • How often you see this issue

Please create a separate report for each bug you submit.


Also remember check that your drivers are up-to-date before reporting a technical issue! We've had reports of sluggish performance which were resolved when graphics card drivers were updated.

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