Will I finally get on top of Interloper?

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I'm now around my 20th try. Some background. I've played around 150/200 hours I think (I don't like to be tracked by steam so I play offline), I know the maps decently well, I still miss some spots in PV and TWM and I've not perfect orientation there. There are also new places that I've only visited in interloper, like the lake overlook and a lot of great locations in CH. It's incredible the amount of "content" that the game has at this point, almost too much and it's only getti bigger! Anyway.

In my previous interlopers I've mostly died for wolf attacks, the first sandboxes were wasted to grasp the rythm of the movement but then wolves that pop out of nowhere, or other avoidable confrontations, killed me always before day 11. One of my main mistake was not to rush to DP immediatelly in order to get the knife ready. So now I had a clear idea in my mind.

I've started in TWM, a clear but extremelly cold middle of the day, just on top of the river. I've decided to go down on the right in order to collect cattails, and as always I started to play risky and greedy. Loosing too much condition. I was doing the tour of the main lake with a high hipotermia risk. I get into the hut, try to light a fire but failing. Hipotermia kicks in. The problem is that I usually consider 50% the moment to watch out for but if you're only loosing condition because of freezing it actually arrives before, like 60%.

So I was there, loosing matches in order to start a fire while outside it was very windy. I tried to move in order to break the unlucky circle and thought about looking better under the beds just to see if I could find a magnifying glass. I had just see it happens on a youtube video and I hadn't check the beds properly because of the freezing rush. And... It was there! I was happy, couldn't use it instead of matches but a great catch. I never run out of matches quickly in Interloper and there's plenty of time to go in ML but it gave me a moral boost. I manage to start a fire, warm myself up completelly and boil a lot of water, the idea was to get some advance on the 24h needed above freezing. I left the hut without taking a hot drink, what an idea. Of course it's still very cold outside, I really don't want to freeze and loose all those hours of recovery. I try to light another fire just before the entrance of the "tunnel" for PV but I don't have enough sticks to balance the temperature :( Well, too bad. I freeze, now I'm seriously loosing conditions. I really have to get to the bunker soon. I manage, risky risky risky.




5% condition before hitting "sleep"! This isn't the best start in the world isn't it?




I start to recover some condition, but this brutal start will affect my health for the next 9 days since I didn't want to stop completelly in one house to have a 100% recovery.  Next day I get a fire outside, boiling more and more water, fighting hypothermia until it's gone. then I start to pack up. Direction the center of the map. I run, there's a beautiful transitions into a blizzard while I jump outside the mountain to reach the cabin, like it was waiting for me.

I keep the wall close, looking for the rope, I don't want to loose myself, I can't afford to reach the farmstead in a blizzard, I really want the cabin.

And here it comes in all his beauty.



Then I start the usual path on PV. Farmstead, outbuildings, crossroads, the wonderfull deer carcas there, I found the hammer but not the hacksaw. I also had the luxury to be able to explore the upper falls in a clean day, I had never been there before!

It's time for me to go on CH. I avoided some wolf on upper falls but luckly there was none on the road to the mines. I get a fire going, grab a stick and go to the mine, take the first container out and go back to grab a new stick. I want to take everything on my path. I found a lantern on the middle of the mine I think, 0.10 L of oil. Looking good. I manage to pass the whole mine with only the stick, this was constructed on purpose I suppose because you really have that time frame.

Night is coming, I don't want to go to the abandoned lookout, last time a wolf appeared just on that spot and killed me (I was overencumbered with coal), I was in shock. I thought it was a wolf free place but no. I go to the right to the trailer. From there I want to go directly to DP, taking the shortest rout and avoiding at all cost the quonset station, a nightmare place.




I hit the three cabins and then descend upon the log sort, I'm being very careful. I have decoys but I don't like that the guts are dropped first so I want to avoid wolves that could definetelly kill me at 60%.  I'm spying on this one from above. I reach the trailer, sleep a little bit etc. I wake up, foggy, I want to move. I reach misanthrope and move from there. The crumbling highway was pretty scary. I usually try to keep the wall on the left but a wolf was blocking the path from there and at the same time another one was on lower grounds. I had to make the one on the left come barking at me on the right, then circle, go to the basement, then get out and get to the mines. Wooooof. Rembember I'm still on low condition, I can't risk an attack. I manage to pass the mine *exactly* with the 0.10 liters on the lantern, here again I feel the level design.

Night is coming again and I'm at the end of my fatigue bar, best would be to make a fire and take a brand but... I like to play risky. I just need to get to the lighthouse, there I plan to have for the first time my health back. Those 8 days were rough, I stayed a lot in PV to recover from hypothermia.

I get to the church, I'm trying to stay on high ground to avoid wolves, I don't remember founding one up there, maybe one day I will have a surprise. I have a meat decoy with me but I don't feel protected by it, my fatigue bar run out, I can't run, I can't escape and I really need to reach the lighthouse. I have a stim, this time I will not be greedy (I usually am), I will use it if needed.

I can spot two wolves even if it's dark. One is patrolling exactly at the entrance, after the car. Another is on the frozen sea. I'm in the worst situation but at least I have time to plan... NO!

The wolf see me even if I'm still near the church, I thought that on so high ground I couldn't be visible from down there, damn. He barks and start to run immediatelly on my left, he (she?) wants to get to the church and eat me! Time to get my stamina back. I go right, jump on the radial menu, push the stim. I can't see really well but I feel that by going to the right I've made the right choice, the wolf is probably on the middle of the hill, he will come back on me when he will see me pass the car but I will be running. That's exactly what happens, I run steadily, he barks, I hide on the path to the lighthouse. Beautiful level design again!

I get there. I'm happy! I'm safe. At 79% and with the prybar (but overencumbere and tired) I could have maybe sustained the fight but a second attack is lickly. I'm now considering any confrontation with wolves as an insta death in interloper, even if it's not always the case.

A beautiful night of sleep is calling me. In the morning I am at 79%, perfect! And look what I found on the shelf...





I was right to use it!

It's a perfect day outside. The riken is calling for me. I will gear up for the first time in interloper, I've never used the forge before, not even on stalker. I mainly want the knife. Wolves get out of my way. I will probably start to play even more risky but hey, that's the fun.

Before going to the riken I will loot hibernia, I need the hacksaw, I only have 6-7 pieces of metal.





That happened in a couple of sessions, I will continue to play it today. Wish me good luck!

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Long story short: THE KNIFE IS DONE.


I got stuck just after getting outside the lighthouse, luckly I didn't get a sprain or anything and could reload. Scaring as hell.




The light beam have a bad effect on glass:





And then the forge!




I've stayed so much inside, crafted only one knife and a lot of harrowheads. I didn't had more piece of metal sadly since there wasn't no hacksaw at hibernia or the mine. But it's ok for now. I'll come back later on.

I went sleeping again and the day looks absolutelly beautiful!



I've got for the first time ever a cabin fever alert, it's at 66%, I don't really know how much I need to stay outside now but I have a plan. I will use the sunshine to start a fire near one of the dear carcasses and then go directly to CH, maybe another deer on the highway, then fishing until everything is back to normal. I need the hacksaw to get the bow going.



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2 hours ago, mystifeid said:

I love reading Interloper stories. Pics help too. Good luck!

Yes! I love it too. Interloper is seriously fun. I also watch stream sometimes, can't wait for all the others big addition on gameplay (clothes, mental aspect etc). Even if, like I said, the game is already too huge to handle.


Thanks! I'm know into wolf-nemesis mode. I wonder how much condition will I loose in one struggle now that I have the knife. I guess I will have to discover it.


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1 hour ago, togg said:

I wonder how much condition will I loose in one struggle now that I have the knife.

Don't do it on purpose. Torn clothing aside, if you are fatigued they can kill you and if you survive there can often be a second one nearby only too happy to finish the job.

Make a bow. Make arrows. Shoot them.

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Thanks for sharing your story, togg!  Very cool.  Sounds like you're really off to a good start this time.  Those wolves at the entrance to the lighthouse are just horrible -- they shred me every time I try to go that way.  No matter how much I want to loot the lighthouse, I've stopped going over there because of too many bad experiences.  These days, when I get to DP, I go up and around to the other mine near the church and go through it, coming out on the other side of Hibernia.  I go through Hibernia and from there to the Riken.  I might never go to the lighthouse at all.

Anyone have better advice for getting to the lighthouse without getting mauled?

I think you're right to try getting the tools ASAP on Interloper, but I'm starting to learn that it's important to keep moving until you've found all the essentials (bedroll, mag glass, saplings).  If you don't have these within the first few weeks, it gets much harder to search for them as the weather worsens and lootable food is depleted.  

Anyway, I look forward to seeing how you do from here out.  Be sure to post again! :)


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Yey, I've take a break since the first part of the trip was completed. Maybe today I'll play a couple hours more. I don't like to leave loot but yea it's hard sometimes to get in the lighthouse. When I spawn on DP on the usual spot far away from hibernia I usually loot it immediatelly. I found it easy on that moment to go up from the sea, having a wolf maybe barking a you from after the car and just start running between on the bridges. But in general the best option is to go from above as I did and asses the situation.

I don't usually feel the urge to have the mag glass soon, I always had soo many matches! And I really really don't use the bedroll! I don't know why, I will probably take it and leave on the damn, the only place that is far from other shelters. I guess it's important to make some trips on PV or TWM, I'll have to see that.


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I've played a few hours.  I've taken more screenshot this time, I hope they're not too much.

LONG STORY SHORT: I still don't have a bow or the maple drying. Dammit. Everything else is really nice and confortable.


So I was having a cabin fever risk at 66% after the long forging. Harvested completelly a deer near the waterfalls. Then went on the magic higher spot on DP, I've discovered it on interloper a couple of sandbox ago! You find "so much" loot there. There was a mapple but I hadn't the hacksaw :(

Direction CH, perfect time. I take so many sticks on the road, plus all the coal I can. I never waste coal. Being encumbered is of course risky playing, but I had in mind a future big fishing section and I trusted the road on the crumbling highway to misantrope island. Nostalgic Sunset. At a certain point in CH the wind started to blow against me, I was already loosing a lot of condition for the freezing. I dumped all the heavy stuff and used the last energy to run. I saw the house at 28%! Don't do this kids. You will not find coal in heaven.

In the morning I take a shot at the table with the cured guts. Nice.














I wanted to establish a little base on Jackrabbit. It's way less dangerous, no wolves that I know of and no bear. So one trip, then a big one back to go take the dumped stuff near the crumbling highway etc. Does this make sense? I don't know, I think so.

Time to loot the lower part of the map starting left. I can see the abandoned lookout from the frozen sea, I discovered it by doing the hopeless rescue challenge. I've looked at maps after playing a lot on each but I still got plenty of surprises. That time was amazing.

A blizzard hit on the road. The transition is just perfect. Found another hammer, look at that 3D model.














Quonset scares me a lot. I've died there in bad situations, all those little depressions in snow are the worst. I will need to craft there since I don't want to go to ML immediatelly. And I'm still looking for the hacksaw. Luckly no wolves! The hacksaw is there. I craft something and then go for the upper part, if you remember I had avoided the lookout coming from PV without the life saving knife. I've also confirmed that around 3h to the night there's a sudden light transition in interiors.











The other isolated cabin is burned down. I love how they've refined CH for interloper. Just burn them down! At the beginning in stalker I hated this place. Too much loot, boring, I didn't even had explored anything. For me it was just a matter of a straight road with houses after houses. After the rescue challenge (completed on first try and without total knowledge!) I looked at the map and understood how much I had missed.

I can't get on the lookout at night, I wait for the day and then I encounter two wolves, one on each side. Dammit! I sleep, then try again from left side. There's a wolf patrolling up there. This time I know it, I'll not die again there. I discover some elevations near the walls that give you the possibilities to controll the situation and avoid confrontation. A deer give me a warm and safe welcome. You can already see the lookout from this higher ground. I get to sleep and... 100%! First time from the beginning. Satisfied.





















With the hacksaw I can get scrap metal, then fishing tackles. I think I've eight of them. Time to fish!! This becomes an extremelly long section. I fish and cook 19 hours total. I like how calm it is, food coming in, and the oil! I get on LVL2 fishing and LVL3 cooking. Real good results as you can see on jackrabbit island :) I've eated a couple of them while fishing I think just for the fun of not starving and maybe it helped to remove a strange red bar on the tired stat. I don't know what that was, it went away even if I keeped fishing.















I'm also opening a pharmacy here!






I'm taking another break for a few days. Later I will take cattails on the frozen river, maybe harvest a deer skin if the weather is nice and I can start a fire with the mag glass. The absolute priority is the mapple. I can survive without but I want it. I will find it, let it dry and maybe do the tour of ML on the 5 days. Then I'll come back to CH, craft the bow and go to PV. There's a part of the map there where I could still discover new stuff... Then I guess TWM? :)

What do you think of this plan?

I'm on day 19, never had to fight a wolf yet.


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1 hour ago, mystifeid said:

Get birch saplings too. Wow you've got a lot of stuff! Well done! Keep going!

I have those :) ten arrows almost good to go!


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I've played some more, still in CH, I'm having such a good time reexploring the first part with hills on the left. What a game, like I said I hated this place on stalker. Too much loot, I like to eat the packed food that I find it doesn't make sense to me to store it since it degrades.

I've found the maple! It was on the little spot of land between jackrabbit and fishing camp. I'll finish explore the river and the left end of the road next, try to consume some fish calories and such, read some books etc. I've left the big stash of medicine and other important objects like matches on jackrabbit. I'll come back in a couple of months maybe :) Next step will be ML. This time I will find the bunker and reexplore the north east part properly. And then who knows... ;)Schermata 2016-12-08 alle 11.52.30.png


Schermata 2016-12-08 alle 11.55.40.png


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Like I said I was having a good time, tracking the space between the river and the trailer on the road, it's quite a big and complex zone. I also had two deer carcasses there, one hidden that it's a fixed spawn I think.

Anyway. In all this wandering I found other maples, other birch etc I still had plenty of fish.


I was heading to the rabit groove I think, a spot that I've discovered the first time only by looking at the map of CH, it's hidden! I noticed that the big fallen tree points to the cabin on an inverted axis, neat.

And look at the beautiful icons of clothes, they're folded versions of the 3d models.


Schermata 2016-12-10 alle 09.48.10.png


Schermata 2016-12-10 alle 09.51.42.png


Schermata 2016-12-10 alle 09.52.55.png



As you can see I am on top of the game, with perfect conditions, good placement of the stash that I want to bring to ML etc.

Like I said maybe I'm heading to the rabbit grove, I don't remember preciselly, anyway I always push my coldness since I can get the condition back with sleep. I've almost clicked on the door, ALMOST, it's one more step, half a second.


This basically means two lost days. Ok, I can handle that usually. The problem is that I had a cabin fever allarm just showing up. And I still wanted to explore the region.


I ended up resetting the hypothermia counter, with 10+h already done each time, FOUR TIMES (maybe five). It was a mess. I was walking from cabin to cabin to fishing hut, trying to make sense of the situation. Then I tried to start a fire in order to boil water and maybe fish even if I would prefer not to since I still had some cooked one. I used a match and the accellerant because I was almost froze again. add stick add stick add stick RESET. Dammit.


But that wasn't enough. I eat a fish at 50%+. FOOD POISONING.

I don't know if the situation is clear enough: low condition, high cabin fever, hypothermia 24h, food poisoning 10h. If the cabin fever kicks in, since I don't have a bedroll, it's a unavoidable death sentence.


I recover the hammer from jackrabbit since I'd like to fish, I make back and forth between the fishing hut and the fishing camp, it's a ugly mess. I eat to loose less condition, I need to rest because I'm dying but I can't stay inside too much. I let the fire goes on for multiple hours multiple times because I don't want to waste another match.

Worst moments were not so shocking while playing but scary if I think back to them. After waking up to clean myself from poisoning 96% cabin fever. On one of the trips 11% condition. I think that if the cabin fever would have kicked in I could have survived by drinking all the coffee and using the last resort injection. MAYBE.

Anyway. I survived.


Schermata 2016-12-10 alle 10.34.45.png


Schermata 2016-12-10 alle 10.38.16.png


Schermata 2016-12-10 alle 10.39.17.png


Schermata 2016-12-10 alle 10.39.39.png


Schermata 2016-12-10 alle 10.44.06.png


Schermata 2016-12-10 alle 10.49.24.png


I didn't fish at all. Only boiled water and small cooking. Time to harvest that river. Hypothermia finally out, cabin fever managable, low condition but who cares.

The transition on a blizzard is one of the most beautiful things in the game. Everythime it happens I'm like WOOOO.

Schermata 2016-12-10 alle 11.00.39.png


Schermata 2016-12-10 alle 11.03.33.png


I get back on the road up, I leave a new stash of medicines and wood in one of the trailer, make back and forth from the other cabin to the trailer to recover all the things that I let to dry. Avoid some nasty wolves at night that came down from the road up the trailer while I was heading there. It was an horror scene I runned away and one wolfe tryed to run me down but I hide in the trees.

I have 3 deers hide, 4-5 guts, a lot of birch and 3 maples. And I'm not encumbered since I've no wood or food on me besides 35+ lovelly cattails.


Schermata 2016-12-10 alle 11.28.41.png


I'm on day 29, I've on me what I want, I write on the journal all the things that I left in the different locations here.

There's a sunny wind out, I'm confortable. it's time to go to Mistery Lake!


Schermata 2016-12-10 alle 11.31.55.pngSchermata 2016-12-10 alle 11.35.51.png

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I just had THE MOST INTENSE playtrough on the game ever.


In the last episode I was ready to go to ML. As you can see on last screenshot, I'm at 44%, and I've left all the possible items here in Costal Highway. I'm carrying no wood and only one cup of coffee and full stats besides stomach but I have cattails.

I'm also hearing the wind that comes before a blizzard, but hey, who the **** cares. ^^

I start to walk, a wolf comes say Hi just before the bridge, I come back to the trailer, sleep two hours. I've cabin fever at 44%, I've played a lot on CH, I think I'll light a fire on the road. I want to go!


In my 150h + playing I think I've went through the ravine only one or two time. Is it strange to hear for you? I don't know. For me the game is already so big, I've tried to explore everything but I'm still missing stuff, I've read from users than now you can take a rope down to the bottom of the ravine. Let's say I didn't, and didn't want, to do it this time...


I didn't remember there was this big covered section in the transition zone, it's maybe used for loading stuff? I start to take sticks on the road, but I don't find a lot of them. It's a problem. I also have four unreaded books with me.

Schermata 2016-12-19 alle 17.03.13.png


The blizzard hit, I knew it but kind of removed it, that's the way to become a risky-player lol Even If I only went a couple of time throug the ravine I remember the layout but I don't want to keep walking with the blizzard, it's simply too much. I find a cave before the fallen tree, I settle there but I don't have any wood! A blizzard in interloper is long business. Kind of screw? I could burn the books but I don't want it... The devs placed a lot of branches outside this cave, brilliant. I harvest under the blizzar and keep coming back to the fire to win time. I cook some more mushrooms, I drink 3 of them approx and 1 coffe. The only one I take from CH, the other are on that big stash.

After maybe 4 hours the blizzard is over.

Schermata 2016-12-19 alle 17.13.59.png


I'm in bad shape. It's not the condition but the exhaustation that put me in danger. I can't run. I still have a stim and night is coming. I start to think that I could not make it.

Schermata 2016-12-19 alle 17.21.57.png


On the road I start to freeze badly, I have to use another match. Here I make a big mistake (since I preted leaving CH with 44% with a blizzard coming and no wood or bedroll is a legitimate way of play LOL), I place the campfire near the branch, but not near enough the limb! Dammit. This means I didn't manage to completelly warm myself up, well, ok. More drinks. Let's go.

Schermata 2016-12-19 alle 17.33.52.png


Entering Mistery Lake I get under 10%, things are not alright, I suppose I can die here. I use the stim, I decide to not run for the bed, I don't know why. I think exploring the dam could be a better idea. Maybe I will find some coffee, that could save me. With this stim (running time + 23% total condition) I could have gone directly to the logging camp, maybe a bad choice... :(

I still have a flare and oil in the lantern. Ok, the dam.

Schermata 2016-12-19 alle 17.35.21.png


I explore everything, no coffee and of course no bedroll. I find another torch, I accidentally burned the other one in one of the two campfires lighted before. This was long, I tried to think but no easy solution comes to mind.

I start another fire in the dam, I have to get the heat back, exploring gave me some but not enough. Time to take another couple of drinks. Wasting so much medicine...


Schermata 2016-12-19 alle 17.50.43.png


Now I'm outside the dam. It's night. I can't run. I don't have a stim. It's super cold and I'm at 16%. I would like to freeze just a little bit less fast, I should have switched directly but ok. Stick out FLARE IN. Black block mode ON.

I look at my path and my condition, well... I'm going to die. Since I know an update will be out soon (after playing: it's out! Wow!) I say to myself: ok, I'll start a new sandbox with that update. I had a nice time, I can't complain, I did my best more or less. I want to play like this.

But I'm still trying.

Schermata 2016-12-19 alle 17.53.27.png


Schermata 2016-12-19 alle 17.54.21.png


I arrive at the road curve, heading the logging camp. I'm at 12%...


Schermata 2016-12-19 alle 17.56.15.png


A wolf barks at me on the road, I keep going, I'm dying, if you want to attack me go on. I walk as an arrow to a destination but I can't see properly anymore. I'm at the end. I'm positive. Good bye everyone.


Schermata 2016-12-19 alle 17.57.30.pngSchermata 2016-12-19 alle 17.58.31.png



I CAN SEE SOME SHADES. It's there, dammit! I already died like this before, in another interloper sandbox, from PV to ML. Pretty similar condition. I was going to the camp office that time. I reloaded different times to get everything right and make it. Should I reload this time? Maybe take the flare out immediatelly? No. I'm going to die with dignity.

But I'm still trying! It feels like I'm walking painfully slow, I don't know if you slow down when you're under 10%. But I feel like I am. I'm dead.


Schermata 2016-12-19 alle 17.58.34.pngSchermata 2016-12-19 alle 17.58.38.png




The first trailer is incredibly near now, I just need to click on the door. JUST that. I'll stop freezing, I have light, I'll sleep this nightmare of! I can make it!

Door at 3%.

Schermata 2016-12-19 alle 17.58.46.png


Sleeping at 2%.


Schermata 2016-12-19 alle 17.59.04.pngSchermata 2016-12-19 alle 17.59.08.png




Schermata 2016-12-19 alle 17.59.15.png


Best play ever as I said! Waking up with the flare in the hand explain pretty well how shocked I was.

I waste time, I've not cabin fever % anymore (after all of this...). I destroy furniture and rest.

Then I head to the camp office, that's clearly your base on Mistery Lake. This time I will explore the map on every little corner. At the beginning of my TLD experience I've passed so much time here, I wanted to get everything before moving to the other regions. But I'm still doubtfull about the hidden hills.

Anyway, the camp office. I have a bow almost ready ;) tons of arrow, and some deers shoes for the future. I have none now, I left some badly shaped sneakers on CH.

Schermata 2016-12-19 alle 19.22.28.png


I saved the book in this adventure!


Schermata 2016-12-19 alle 19.25.17.png




The things I've lost in order to survive those two days:


1 stim

3 matches

1 flare

around 6 reishi tea and 2-3 rose hip tea.

a lot of food that I wouldn't have eat under normal circumstances.


Now I discover that the update is out... I guess ML will have to wait. I want to discover the name of the region (even if I've spoilered it a little bit, it's something like "flaston mukr"). Next time I'll finish crafting the arrow, take a walk around the lake, do the boots and the go.

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The plan was to explore the new region after a little looting of Mistery Lake but it is not working. Mistery Lake is incredibly cold, I'm not sure if I can keep this sandbox alive in Resolute Outfitter. I have not enough of a second layer since I've left all the excessive clothes behind in Costal Highway.

I played more then expect, always struggling to survive. I have the bow (2 others maple and plenty of arrows) but I didn't had the opportunity to hunt. I've fished but it doesn't work as well as in CH. Level 2 mending achieved, wow. Deerskin boots at the end of the session. At least I have the things to protect myself from frozenbite.


I found two bedrolls. They degrade soo fast. How will I be albe to use them? Mistery! The new clothes 3D models are so beautiful, even if they don't shine that much when reduced to the small icon, the previous ones were easier to read.

I didn't remember you could harvest bushes. I was so stressed by the fact that I couldn't walk outside without freezing extremelly fast, I'm often at risk of cabin fever. I tried to reach the lookout on another path, a stupid idea since you're the one that will deploy the rope. I got a little bit lost and barelly managed to reach the log sort at 10%! Deja-vu.

I'm on day 42, in theory I should be good but in practice I'm extremelly unease. I'm almost sure that I would die if I try to explore the new region from here, it seems impossible with these tiny clothes. I'll maybe head to the trapper's homestea. I need a break to recover condition and farm some rabbits skin/guts. But how will I get there??


Schermata 2016-12-21 alle 12.46.32.png


Schermata 2016-12-21 alle 12.53.35.png



Schermata 2016-12-21 alle 14.21.27.png



Schermata 2016-12-21 alle 15.05.38.png



Schermata 2016-12-21 alle 15.06.40.png



Schermata 2016-12-21 alle 15.08.02.png



Schermata 2016-12-21 alle 15.20.20.png



Schermata 2016-12-21 alle 15.26.57.png



Schermata 2016-12-21 alle 16.25.31.png



Schermata 2016-12-21 alle 15.35.51.png

Schermata 2016-12-21 alle 15.36.23.png

Schermata 2016-12-21 alle 15.36.35.png

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I played again with a change of plans. Going to trapper's now made no sense, I decided to came back to the dam, opening all the locked lockers hoping to find other clothes. I stopped on the road, a beautiful day and easy fire near a deer. Absolutelly nothing to be found at the dam. Playing this already started sandbox is reeeeally hard :) I've kept playing between life and death. Fluffy is back, I rested 10 hours and then had a struggle (the first in the sandbox!) with him, he was dead a few hours later. The dam is kind of spooky, see images below.


Avoided a stalkering wolf on the way back, he/she followed me on the hills near the track, kind of scared since I've still not shoot a single arrow and I'm completelly out of practice. I need to start hunting just to get the feels back. Now I could try to move to trapper's but I think the best idea is to place a couple of snares near the camp office, keep getting sticks around, maybe hunt a deer in order to craft some pants and have more guts to do nice things.

I would really like to go in the new region (I've watched the trailer since things are getting long) from this sandbox but I absolutelly need a second layer of clothes and new mittens.


Schermata 2016-12-22 alle 18.30.30.png

Schermata 2016-12-22 alle 18.52.12.png


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I died!


Not a special story, quite disappointing actually. I wasn't irritated since I like to play and I want to do a little stalker exploration of the new region before forcing myself to spawn there in interloper.

I was going to a hill and then a cave in ML, I had to interrupt the session for a lot of hours because of a time management problem. I didn't shut of the game, just waited on the menu. When I came back I wasn't ready of course, after a few meters a wolf attack a rabbit, then run straight to me. I esitate to find the key to drop the decoy. I drop it, it does nothing. I take the bow out when he is almost at me, I shoot and miss. Never miss at this distance usually. I was at 74% with the knife. didn't start to click before the animation. Dead.


And that's why you have to let kids play without interruptions :)




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Haven't come back to this in a while - gripping story with your transition to ML. Liked it! :)


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14 hours ago, Hotzn said:

Haven't come back to this in a while - gripping story with your transition to ML. Liked it! :)

yey :)


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