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  2. I found those pictures in TLD steam forums and my question is "What are those items ?!?!". The text of the steam page is in russian but here is the rough translation : 1. Fire axe is one of the subjects which will be possibly entered to game in the near future. 2. Spade is the subject which is in game, but it is impossible to use him. 3. Fishing line 4. Pumpkin pie is one of the subjects of the meals in game which was added for the time of 4DON (from October 28 on November 1 2016). During 4DON the pie can be got only in unexplored locations. 5. A bottle of fuel Answers are welcome !
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  4. Interlooper +400 days

    How you place books like that ??? Can you explain, i'mnot an expert of TLD
  5. Interlooper +400 days

    If you can, do it ! (and post a screenshot please)
  6. Question Thread :: Milton Mailbag

    Hello, Mr. van Lierop, I was curious if the Hinterland considers adding animals, specific to certain regions - for an example, an animal which would spawn exclusively in mountainous regions like Timberwolf Mountain or Hushed River Valley. I think it would improve upon the game tremendously - forcing players to travel to these parts in order to hunt specific animal they need, not to mention the immersion it would bring. On a side note - thank You all for your hard work - not only on this amazing game, but also on all your contributions to the indie gaming industry as whole. Your team achievements are an inspiration.
  7. Question Thread :: Milton Mailbag

    Is WIntermute an open story or will it have a proper ending?
  8. K'imdii or Rocky Mountain Goat

    The game is set on a canadian island, not in the Rocky mountains. Which is set higher then the Rocky mountains. A lot of people suggested bighorns for the game, but those wouldnt be proper set for the game, either. The animal you are looking for is actually called Dall sheep, or a thinhorn sheep. Dall sheep live in canadian and alaskan area, which is north of Rocky mountains area, which puts them into an area of where Great Bear island of The long dark could potentionally be located.
  9. Bear Spear (hype?)

    Now I want the Cougar in the game even more... thinking the bear spear might be a somewhat effective defensive weapon against one as well, if you carry it while traveling, and are attacked from above. And looking at the header for the update (look at the studio accounts on Twitter...), it looks like the spear may not be replacing the rifle in Wintermute, as suggested in this thread. You see Will's back, obviously his Jackrabbit Transport coat, with a spear and a rifle slung over his shoulders.And one really Grumpy Old Bear on a rock to the left, wolves to the right. I get the feeling that we will need both for the bear quest, possibly? We should all know that bear attacks in Survival Mode usually result in a rifle being dropped or lost, perhaps we finally get to have something to fight back with...
  10. Bear Spear (hype?)

    I don't know why it quoted me as saying Mountain Goating was cowardly....Jeremiah's hunting tips are suicidal...Icehole you and I Mountain Goat all over the place. I'll chalk it up to Quoting gone bad.
  11. K'imdii or Rocky Mountain Goat

    The k'imdii is only found in the Rocky mountains. The game is set in the Rocky mountains. The Haidi used to hunt them and also have tales about them. I strongly feel that the Rocky Mountain K'imdii (Goat) should be part of the Long Dark some how. I am a Billie! Your a Billie!. Don'tcha want to be a Billie too! Sorry 1980's Dr. Pepper commercial flashbacks. Fun Facts: K'imdii in Haidi language is Rocky Mountain goat. Took me over an hour internet searching to find that out. Had to cross reference from different stories and translated texts. These animals are related to lamas. They are not a goats.
  12. Bear Spear (hype?)

    As a professional Long Dark Mountain Goat this comment makes me offended! The idea that we climb to snipe and we are cowards. We LDMGs take to the mountain's knife edge to just get away from everything. Not really hunting. In our territory we never put up with predators either.
  13. Rabbit Wrangling

    Bring back catching rabbits by hand. It was a lot more fun to catch and release them rather than having to bonk them with rocks to get a hold of them. Why catch them? Well to pet them and make me and the character happy. Make it a setting for custom. Make it difficult to do. Whatever it takes. Bring back manual hand rabbit wrangling. Please for a special present.
  14. Newbie Survivor Log

    I don't know whether I've ever had the experience of being tracked by a wolf. I either curve around them and they don't notice at all or I miss them in the terrain, all I hear is a bark up close and they're already in the stage where they start charging/running towards me, not walking behind me. I also found it interesting that Muskeg has such a bad reputation. It's flat and I was able to see all the predators from far away and hide from them, though, there were many. What I find a lot scarier are the narrow tunnel passages guarded by wolves. How do you even get around that. I suppose you can try to scare, but some feel like bottlenecks that force a fight. In terms of passive wildlife, I didn't pick pilgrim because I feel it is an integral part of the challenge to be chased by the wolves. I do not wish to remove this challenge, I simply wish to regulate its intensity. On voyager I find this threat sufficient and don't want that intensity upped. I want to figure out how to survive without the bedroll!
  15. Question Thread :: Milton Mailbag

    Can't wait to be wearing my warm bunny hat this upcoming week. I recently just watched the movie Alpha. (Definitely check it out if you haven't already) You may have been previously asked this, but what do you think of the ability of taming a wolf to be your companion? It would take a long time and process of gaining trust but would definitely be worth the risk. Not to mention not feeling nearly as lonely with your wild furry feral lil buddy! Thank you Hinterland Studios for working extra hard to get this update out to us before the holidays. Merry Christmas and stay warm.
  16. Interlooper +400 days

    Damn this musta took some time to get all those supplies together and make it 400+... Survival Skills Level 5
  17. Bear hunting

    Bears will not necessarily flee towards their cave - they will just flee, possibly even into the polar opposite direction. Once they calm down they will try to reach their cave - that's correct - but might die en route. Depending on where you hit the bear it takes up to eight hours for it to bleed out from a rifle shot, while it takes a maximum of 4 hours with a bow. Hitting the head will not only have the biggest chance of a one-shot (i.e. critical hit) but also make the bear bleed out the fastest. I also think there is some sort of hitpoint based damage involved in this. I've had occasions where I put five arrows into the same bear, but never more than three bullets. This might be due to higher accuracy of the rifle - but I actually suspect that bullets do more upfront damage.
  18. Jerry can or Jerry can't?

    I suspect the duality in kerosene canisters to be a remnant from a design state in which there was no automatic creation for these containers and/or there was no way to replenish lamp oil reserves, period. It makes perfect sense that you would find jerry cans in the world, so maybe it originally was just a different flavor of basically the same loot, much like very similar food items co-exist. Another thing I could think about is that they might have been intended to be used to pump gasoline from cars. Some cars actually have gas caps, and assuming most of the cars you find died in the aurora, that, too, would make perfect sense.
  19. Jerry can or Jerry can't?

    I'll be honest, I don't understand the practical usefulness of the Jerrycan. Oil ends up in little (plastic?) bottles if you have nothing to contain it, but harvest it from fish. Jerrycans just seem to consolidate it into one inventory item. I'm not even sure that's desirable. Mechanically, I cannot see the advantage to finding one.
  20. Wolf struggles on xbox

    This would be an excellent change to the game if they implemented it! I would like to see it as it makes sense thematically, and would add to the fear/drama when your eye is drained AND then you hear a Wolf howl knowing a longer struggle is about to happen... and for players that are well rested they can be more confident that it will be a short struggle.
  21. Exploration Game Achievement

    I've recently restarted playing this game again a while back, and just completed this Achievement a week ago. So its definitely not bugged in the current version. I went everywhere I could even places not on the list (like destroyed Lookout) Unnecessary I know, but I didnt want to try again. Good Luck.
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  23. Bear hunting

    Yep that's a nice one. The Bear at Broken RR will mosey along the side of the Hunters Blind, perfect setup for an easy safe bleed out too.
  24. Newbie Survivor Log

    It would. It's actually a game mode I've proposed before, basically shifting focus heavily towards battling the environment instead of wildlife. You could even play Interloper with "passive" wildlife like on Pilgrim, which wouldn't even be unrealistic and still very much challenging. Basically all you'd have to do is flip "Passive Wildlife" on and you'd have wolves and bears that actually evade you unless you directly threaten them - in which case they'd still make up for formidable opponents. The key is to break line of sight. They will let you walk away for a very long time as long as you keep your distance, but follow you as long as they can see you. Dodging behind a rock or even a tree and crouching with enough distance between you and the wolf does the trick more often than not. Keep an open ear. Once they howl in despair about losing their prey you're safe - at least from that wolf. Running from wolves doesn't help a lot except for gaining initial distance if the wolf is already close. If you run from a wolf that is already tracking you it will keep up and you will tire.
  25. Jerry can or Jerry can't?

    Thanks for the tip, I have always been SUPER careful refilling the Storm Lantern assuming this would be the case. That's for testing & confirming my fears were founded.

    The Front Room of the Hydro Dam is not too far and you have RR tracks to make the trek back and forth non stop even in full Blizzard conditions. That's where I moved 80% of my stuff quite a few containers/file cabinets/lockers/ plus a lot of floor space. Obviously Food, Water, and Sticks get to try their luck with the update unmoved.
  27. Spear Maybe?

    Looks like hinterland has finally added a rabbit hat thank thah lawd
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