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  2. Neat story, if morbid. In any case, rabbits make up a small portion of my in-game diet so I could go either way with it. Problem is, how do you cure it?
  3. I like Pilgrim the most too. I'm challenged enough by the elements and boredom without having to stab wolves all the time. I also imagine that in real life, there would be way more extra stuff lying around that the game doesn't account for. So even with high amounts of loot in Pilgrim, it doesn't feel like too much.
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  5. I still want a Bola. Crafted from items already in the game, possible to lose in a tree, or wrapped on an animal with a bad throw, repairable, breakable. Used for millennia for hunting. Useful for small to medium animals, crows if they ever allow us to hunt the birds. Would piss a bear off to no end, and not much else, lol. Guts > line + stones = bola.
  6. There is an unofficial TLD Discord, made by someone from the reddit group. No idea how it is, don't use Discord, and don't hang on reddit. But, a quick Google Search finds it, if people want live chat while playing. It is there. And anyone can make another one if they want, on Discord or another free chat service. And Hinterland has no responsibility for it, or moderating it. Which is how it should be. Their CMs already have to moderate here, on Steam and a bunch of social media. Live *Official* chat would be one more thing to run a CM or 2 or 3 ragged. Use the *Unofficial* Discord, and use it at your own risk.
  7. Flare Gun. Most useful single item, IMHO. Medical supplies would be second after that. Food, nice, but not necessary to have at the start. Nothing... for the Lopers. I like some creature comforts.
  8. It would never happen because TLD is a Single Player Game only, and Hinterland stated they have no intentions of changing that. So I doubt they'd ever add a General Chat to the Game, because there would be no point. As for a Chatroom on the Forums, now that's something I can stand behind.
  9. Check the safe before you go! Pants!
  10. Mroz4k

    Weapon Ideas

    Not that hard to look that up on the internet. I dont think anyone in here except for few exceptions maybe would like to see an assault rifle. That's not the type of rifle suited for hunting, but for combat anyway. Would not be practical, either. That said, list of restricted and allowed guns includes all kinds of weapons. Handguns are restricted, shotguns and rifles, as long as they are at most semi-automatic (except for AR15) should be allowed for use for hunting even without a licence. That said, licensed professional trappers may obtain the registration for a handgun or restricted long gun for "wilderness protection". Therefore, it is completely within the reason for a revolver to be found on Great Bear. The very outdated rifles (like the one in TLD) and shotguns are very likely to fall into the cathegory of being allowed weapons for hunting without the need for licence.
  11. Deadman 11 / Day 31 I'm overweight again but this time it is easy to drop some excess sticks and coal in the cave - I have tons of both - to be ready for the trip. I make a trial run to the rabbit zone and recover my three snares. Two rabbits got caught but I dispose of them - I don't need more food right now and can't haul them with me through the wolf country. It's still a bit too cold, so I sleep a little more. The "curve" is definitely ahead of me. In the afternoon it is still a bit windy but ok for me to be outside. I'll just have to drop a fire early. As soon as I hit the ground under the rope, winds break out in full strength. I spend two hours under the rocky arch next to the rope, warming up at a fire and waiting for the winds to stop. After a fruitless visit to Low Blind, guarded by two wolves, I head south and cross the railroad at the derailed flatbed cars. With no wolves in sight, I manage my load to be just under 35 kg and stay on my guard. Fog has descended once again on FM and the night is not far away. At one point I notice a wolf running in the distance in front of me. It's running away from a bear. The bear is not in my way but the wolf is, and soon I notice another, and another... there are five wolves blocking my path and I don't have time for a detour. I choose to break through. Jumping from campfire to campfire, each time I get a few seconds of sprint before the next wolf is on me. It's time consuming and it also costs fuel, but I manage to get through. I use the flare gun once because the night is coming and I have to move on quick. I don't want to be caught in the soup at night. Two more wolves at the Bunkhouses, another flare shell fired. Then I'm at Spence's, tired and overburdened but safe. I stoke the fire up, search the building - two cans of dog food still in surprisingly good condition, matches, coal, scrap metal, nothing else of importance. I don't break any crates and skip the safe. Is it a good idea? There could be a pair of combat pants waiting for me... I'm tired and go to bed, fire roaring in the forge. Deadman 11 / Day 32 Hard at work. I put on my favorite MC Walker and craft my sets of arrowheads. A short trip around the homestead for more coal, sticks, cattails and a little meat from a carcass. Then back to work until I'm tired, and again to bed. Knife and 16 arrowheads. We're going home tomorrow.
  12. Fortune favors the cautious!
  13. StrayCat

    Weapon Ideas

    I agree with you. But... I don't know Canada as much as I would like, so can someone tell us if shotguns, handguns, revolvers, are so common that we can find them laying around ? I've watched a ton of documentaries about Canada and hunting there, but I have yet to see an assault rifle or a revolver. I'd rather have 2-3 different skins for the rifle, with the same properties.
  14. “Into the eternal darkness, into fire and into ice. ” ― Dante Alighieri, The Divine Comedy Day 36 - woke up with 20% cabin fever threat. of course i would. it's still kind of nighty, no tip of the sun rays showing - meh gotta go. i have big plans for the big fish! - immediately lost my way outside and optimistically rolled downhill without the road hopefully to the fishing hut and not into wolf's mouth - when i reached the log area the aurora fired up in the sky - cabin cabin? there it is. it even has a cedar and reclaimed wood - froze my bum off waiting to add coal before setting water to boil and wrecking ice with the crowbar - fished until afternoon and caught less than one fish per hour. sigh. cooked four fishes one of them about 150 cal only - i'd like to go to the bear patrol island. shuffling feet slowly hence the extra weight - a wolf far in the distance takes interest of one stink line and follows - tried going one way around the island and saw the bear, had to backtrack while freezing and climbed the other side uphill - dropped fish and extra weight and went out to grab more wood - spotted a guy and fishing boat, both empty - went to the nearest fishing hut and dropped off coal and wood there - a blizzard rolled in while a was looking around - only grabbed 3 branches, not the epic most loot - ate two fish and slept 10h like always fairly beaten up by nightfall
  15. The positives were only in the evenings after I found some nice jackets. Never a starting temp in positive or mornings. I meant when I had deerskin pants and nice items it was still in negatives. brrrr!
  16. ok I understand 🙂 I had the running quickly because of my Hopeless Rescue Speed runs. Regarding the Fire achievement I also tried the following. If I restarted Hopeless Rescue because no Coffee/Stim at the start but a canister, I went out, picked up plenty of sticks and did about 12 fires. Even it showed me the symbol of counting each fire, at the end it did not count. It was easy to check since I could do 35 fires in very short time but the Fire Master dident increase
  17. Then just pick what supplies you would start with if given the choice.
  18. True, positive FL is so rare I can't remember the last time it happened to me. Congratz on your Keg Stand btw, very impressive!
  19. I'm the slow and steady type, and with the bad habit of being overencumbered 90% of the time until I get the well fed bonus, and too often anyway until I have the moose satchel too. I'm always ready to set up a base, with plenty of meds, a lamp, spare cloth and whatnot, so running isn't very successful for me.
  20. yeah would be a gen chat for people playing the game its your game too forums chat just as good im sure
  21. Finally getting closer to the 24 hours. As on my last two records I did not have to hunt, found enough food for 15 days by looting. Differences than before: Less looting everything except kitchens. Running around with cloths under 10 degree bonus. Little optimizing my route. Knowing every place where I can find ammo and wood I had not to chop one single softwood and only one time old wood. Now only 15 Minutes (real-time) away from B Harus extraordinary record. What I can do to be faster. No cloth looting at all except the cloths laying around. More running and may be also using the emergency injection
  22. Interesting. Running was my very first achievement, and when I finished all other, my fire master was below 30%. Now I check this only once every few weeks and it is still raising very slow.
  23. I think this was with the update release of the redux but this is not specifically a redux question. I just remember being surprised to see stuff do this. So this has been around for awhile. When I drop meat, fish, most any canned good, or tea, the item lands on the snow (only the snow not ice or rock, etc.) and lay in strange ways. The attached jpg is for dropped bear meat. The four pieces that lay flat I had picked up and laid down from the pile of meat I had dropped. So far this happens consistently on any snow surface. Just wondering if this is Working As Intended or an actual minor glitch in how the game is functioning? One secondary effect is that when I use the pick up and place function, sometimes the meat will rotate in the horizontal plane "unpredictably" rather than remain in a fixed orientation. Once I place it anywhere then pick it up again with intent to place it, it will again have that fixed orientation. So it is not like there isn't a work around of sorts.
  24. Absolutely voting up for more Pancakes. I mean Podcasts. Podcasts about Pancakes would be cool too.
  25. So it's my bday and what better way to celebrate than with TLD!!! ❤️ 

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