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  2. I'm not really sure what you mean? There's already split between console and pc players...and there always will be. PC players are running mods to enhance the experience anyway.....and the pc vs console communities are always split. The core survival can still remain the same.... as similar as Pilgrim is to Interloper xD....but i would love to throw a few dollars into my sandbox experience to add a few more "things"... Like the mods im using to get some extra "stuff" in my improving the night sky, and binoculars.....and other "stuff" from Wulfmarius' mods on github. Console players will never have that...and too bad for them...cos it really enhances TLD and makes it even better.
  3. Mac and cheese? You're not really making a solid comparison here. with a story? You're saying there's no immersion in Sandbox? can create your own story...and roam free. Dude if you're gonna play Wintermute for the next 5 years over and over, I get your point. But if you're just gonna blast through it in a week...well...ok i suppose. Worth all the disappointment over story mode? I think this is more a case of.... How dare they say they're gonna give me 5 episodes and then take their sweet time about it. How dare they make me wait. But...i don't feel like that. I love everything they've done since the start. And i trust them. And I will wait patiently for the next 5 years for Wintermute if that's what it takes. And I'm not alone in that.
  4. Nope. Honestly, I created this post based on everything outside this forum. In one Facebook poll, 80% voted they wanted a DLC before Wintermute is completed. Because...most people play Sandbox. Wintermute only kept them busy for a few days...and then what? We have faith in Hinterland, and we know it will be worth the wait. Don't get me wrong. I want 5 episodes. I just want more options and more stuff added to my Survival Sandbox....and at the moment the backlash over episodes taking so long seems a bit unjust. Most of the complainers have no clue what goes into game design and it really feels a bit childish with the "but you said you were gonna do gimme my episodes boohoo!!" Like...come on...give the majority what they want. We don't care how long Wintermute takes.
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  6. +1 to both. I learned to hunt with a .243 Winchester bolt action. By the time I was 10 years old I could fire fast enough to make a game warden think someone had a semi-auto. If a 10 year old can do that (with a rifle that was almost the same length I was lol), a fully grown adult definitely should be able to reload and chamber a round much more efficiently by level 5. For the little heater/stove, don't forget sticks as fuel. Little rocket stoves are incredibly efficient. I keep looking at those cement blocks in DP and I know that just 6 of them would make an incredible little stove ~ because I've built one and used it during power outages. I've used the tin can stoves as well, but you can cook an entire breakfast or dinner on the blocks. Either would make me happy … and the tin cans are a whole lot more portable and weight efficient!
  7. Survival Co-op

    Hinterland has stated multiple times that theythe are not going to add multiplayer to this game. It's just really doesn't fit in this game
  8. Cinderella Challenge

    He was working for the evil stepmother all along.
  9. I think that you get this perception only from this forum. There are many people who are frustrated by state of development of Wintermute, but just don't express it here. There are reddit threads, there are steam reviews. I didn't post here for a long time because there were people who advocated for story mode but currently they don't post anymore due to majority of people here critisize them for they stance and encourage current situation with TLD. Moreover, I have two friends who don't post anywere about TLD - they bought the game, but decided not to play it anymore, because the Wintermute is still unfinished and is postponed time after time, and I wanted their opinion to be heard as well. So your statement is at least overconfident. No we are not. If you ordered mac and cheese you haven't got your money's worth if you've got only cheese, even if it is great cheese. I buy games if they have at least some kind of the story. I don't buy Civilization series, but bought The Endless Legend because the latter has quests with a story for each fraction. So even survival is great, an essential part of TLD ads is story mode, and it's not delivered yet.
  10. Survival Co-op

    I agree, surviving the quiet apocalypse with 2 or 3 friends would be quite fun. I play on PS4 I think it would be awesome if we could have cross platform play. Also multiplayer online play would be a huge addition to the long dark.
  11. Cinderella Challenge

    BareSkin32- D30 [Cinderella ] - Spent the whole day crafting the bedroll, I finish it just before daylight goes off - I try to keep my stomach full, in preparation. Butterflies in my belly, I meet Prince Charming tonight. - Transfer near the mine entrance around, 8PM, light up a fire, eat and drink full - To make sure I convince Prince Charming to join me in the bearskin bedroll, I get naked and start waiting for him, sleeping 1h chunks until midnight - Bearskin Bedroll, Midnight moon, a nice hot fire under snowflakes, everything is perfect for this romantic Voyageurs rendez-vous. Barry White comes in my head. Let the music play... - I even prepare 2 teas, I'll have the mushroom one and he'll have the rose hips one. Because we don't like gender stereotypes. The perfect romantic setup. Who knows, maybe we're even Feb 14th? -Just before midnight, I hear footsteps crunching the snow. I hide my shoulders in my fresh bedroll that still smells quite a bit, but at least it covers my own scent. -We smile to each other, he has nearly no equipment, said it's been stolen from him last night. Walking in the dark night, he got frozen. -I invite him to take his frozen clothes off and warm near my fire draped in the cloth bedroll. After few moments he's warm again, we speak a bit. - At midnight the winds turn and fire is killed to embers. - @Raph+DevTeam *blink* *blink* *blink* I light my crafted candle the last Survival update has given me {1 can+ 30cL fat/oil + 1 cloth/curedgut, workbench} and bring the fire inside - We’re forced to enter the Mine naked in a hurry, he helps me drag the heavy bedroll inside the mine - We get to know each other a bit closer and as they say, what happens in the bedroll stays in the bedroll - Our meeting gets a bit messy, and my candle gets spilled on the floor, the flame of course dies. - Few moments later, Prince needs some privacy for natural needs, he exits the mine and I laugh imagining him freezing outside. Assbite might no be far. - I hear metallic sounds from the door. - I realize only after a few minutes of him non getting back, that I have been locked into the mine from the outside. This bastard just took literally everything from me, except my smelly bedroll and an now-empty can. - I also realize that 30 days before, it would have made me cry. Tonight, no. I changed my mind about Human Nature since I'm a survivor. - I lock this door from the inside. At least this b4st4rd will die in Desolation Point. - Justice passed, it's now time for plans. I'll survive.
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  13. DLCs Wanted! Forget the whiners!

    That's actually the first time I wish I could downvote someone. I wouldn't even be surprised if you didn't get why. Of course we all want more content. I personally prefer Survival too. I also personally think I didn't give Hinterland enough money for the time I played this game. But I prefer the studio to focus on finishing Wintermute asap, this way we'll get rid of this whole fight Story vs Survival. DLCs are not the only way the studio could take a bit more of our money. And while the way you put your arguments forward makes you shine by your lack of tolerance, my statements don't make me a whiner.
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  15. Share your screenshots

    You must have good clothing and good fire skill. It's cheap for my guy because he's got awesome clothes and fire 5. As a place to start out... not so much. If you're new, use the little mine if you have a bedroll, or Hibernia if you don't.
  16. Add bones animal statuettes ?

    I wouldn't mind having some nice decorative bone statuettes... Idk why though but I keep getting a "Willson" from "Castaway" vibe... I mean Will / Astrid has got to get lonely from time to time out there in the frigid cold...
  17. Newbie Survivor Log

    Day 98 - hello morning. where in blazes am I? a lake overlook? wow! i can see the cabin from here except there is a mountain slope between us - no wolves hanging around the lake maybe i hurt their feelings by shooting their buddy and now they're like we're not going to play with you anymore - bunnies doing hippedy hop and a dead deer i can skin - i'm not taking those two ropes again - the snow slope doesn't look too bad... eventually wound my way to the cabin without encountering anything with lots of teeth - the house is emptier than i remember... some food stashed in the drawers... a few items here and there... it has an uninhabited look to it - dropped deer stuff and went across the ice in the direction of the fishing cabins where it got foggy - more cattails. i have a stack of 54. i think i can leave them here in case i go this way again since they don't spoil - i'm not going to walk around the ice where i saw 3 wolves and a bear in the fog, back to the house - repaired my earmuffs, crafted rosehips which i'll also leave here, tore junk clothes - mystery lake is uncomfy right now, some shoddy weather - i am not feeling like this is my base... actually timberwolf mountain feels like a hole where i'd want to entrench for a while - hmm turns out i don't have matches stashed either in this cabin. i have 4 left and mag glass. i'm going to sleep here, take the expiring food and leave tomorrow Day 99 - have i checked the area around the lake? it may have another book on fishing. i'd love to collect more books - ewww this wind is evil. best cook a piece of deer meat and make coffee - weather got a bit better in the afternoon so off i go across the ice to check the fishing cabins - nuuuuh who stole the door off the fishing hut nearest to the house? finding a few items and leaving wood along with prybar at the huts - yep there most certainly are 3 wolves guarding the lake - curved around the island to check the fishing cabin and a house nearest to the bear cave. i don't think the bear is in the area - while i made this circle the wolves patrolled away from the central fishing hut. it might have something good - oh nuts one of the pack changed his mind and is heading for the same hut i am. he gives a bark when i'm entering it - no wander they're guarding this. a fishing book and a box of ammo. i see an adventurer on the island as well - the wolf barks again and goes after me as soon as i leave the hut... one disadvantage of walking backwards with the gun out is that you can't see where you're going - reached the docks and the grass that's along the bank but ended up backing past the house - the wolf ends up standing right in front of the door... ufff his buddies are hanging around the other cabins - tried to shoot him and missed... he doesn't get scared and jumps me - nasty fight he takes a lot of my health but at least he finally runs off. hope the hatchet killed him - got inside the house to treat injuries. used two hooks and lines i found to combine them into two fishing rods - found some canned food in the condition that needs to be eaten soon and nommed it before rest Day 100 - owwie i haven't healed to a hundred after teeth. it's fine, health high anyway - this fog is not fun. read wilderness kitchen and finished it - a pack of crows, this looks like the wolf that got me - first since his buddies are gone i'll check that guy on the island - skinned the wolf and carried him to one of the cabins. fog got really bad again - fir logs around the cabins and a fire log inside. built a big fire for a lot of water and cooked every wolf piece 5.8kg in meat - read a bit and tore up a few clothing items before sundown - going to eat dogfood not wolf meat for dinner due to spoils. the meat will be fine outside
  18. 1. Co - Op will never happen, that was done addressed by the team. 2. Yea I would love to see the Spear in Survival Mode. I would also like to have a little bit more variety in the weapon department. Oh and a Fishing Rod craftable would be nice. The rest meh... 3. I am fine with just Astrid and Will personally... 4. Hmm I don't know if that would work considering due to the Aurora the Cars don't work... so instead I would love the ability to craft a sled even if it could only be pulled since we lack dogs or tamed wolves. 5. I would absolutely love to see more huntable critters! I actually made a wishlist about this not too long ago... I mentioned I'd love to see; Mountain Lions, Coyotes, Foxes, Wild Geese / Ducks, Mountain Goats, and Bison. I also mentioned I'd like to see some sort of birds like Owls, etc.
  19. Grey mother

    I kind of feel like her talking in the 3rd person adds to her looneyness.
  20. Death From Above

    I actually think this could work, it's a neat idea. We need more ways to get injured / more realism.
  21. Has anybody ever found anything under a car sun visor?

    I have found stuff in mailboxes, but I have never found anything in the car visors.
  22. DLCs Wanted! Forget the whiners!

    I would love to have some optional DLC... new food, clothes, animals to hunt, maps, weapons, etc. etc.! I would gladly pay for pretty much any DLC.
  23. Challenges - Yea! Side history - sure! The game can still be great without those,but a new map? That would suck for folks that can't buy the DLC because it's only sold at Steam.
  24. Milton Mailbag -- Dispatch #23

    Challenges, side history - that would be cool because the game would still be great without that stuff, but a new region DLC would suck for those folks that can't buy DLC from Steam, which would most likely be the only way to buy DLC.
  25. DLCs Wanted! Forget the whiners!

    Personally I don't want to play Wintermute until it's complete, so I'm patiently waiting for that. To add to that, since any DLC would most likely be sold only through Steam, that leaves a lot of folks out of the loop for the possibility of buying it. I don't have a problem with Hinterland releasing some DLC to help make a little money, even though I won't be able to buy it, which I would like to help support Hinterland, but if that DLC is something that, without it the game would be less than complete, such as a new region, that would suck for folks that can't buy it.
  26. Mountain Town Wolves

    I thought it should be that way and dropped a meat on the street just in front of the big house - stayed there for ten days until I had to eat it. No wolves had touched it. I wish meat would attract wolves for the sake of realism.
  27. DLCs Wanted! Forget the whiners!

    Of course, finishing the story would be amazing. Having played since early release and eventually purchasing the game, Wintermute actually does not interest me that much. Don't get me's amazing. I love every bit of it. But i blast through it just to get back to sandbox. In terms of spending additional money of clothes pack....i don't do that either...but TLD is different. I really want to spend some money on it... I spent more money than i should have on Hearthstone...and i bought an Xbox just to play Red Dead Redemption 2...and 2 months later i was done and and back to TLD. Challenges as a DLC...sure why not...not really my i mentioned...the challenge is to track and kill the Alpha Wolf on TWM...or something like that. I want more elements added to my Sandbox to be honest. For now, fingers are crossed the modding community really takes off...but i genuinly and truly want to support this project somehow...and I'm convinced that the majority of players feel the same. They would gladly pay for silly stuff like clothing packs and more animals for example. I honestly and truly don't care when Wintermute finishes.... It's only gonna entertain me for a few days...and a second playthrough again when i'm 50 maybe. I'm not saying it's not an integral part of the game. TLD won't be complete without all 5 Episodes. But...please give us a way to spend some money right now on a game we actually truly feel passionate about - and stop Wintermute from holding this whole project hostage.
  28. Mountain Town Wolves

    So far I am finding that when I come into an area where there are a lot of wolves, I need to hammer them repeatedly, but eventually they don't respawn as much or at all for awhile. On my current main which is a custom Stalker with some interloper levels, I arrived at ML to three wolves on the lake, one near the tunnel from FM (to welcome me to the map), one on the tracks close to the office and three on the tracks on the way to the dam. I would kill them and a couple of days later they were back. After I had killed each wolf three times the respawn dropped way off, and now, of those eight wolf spawns there has not been more than three total for the past 120 days. I also keep the pressure on and kill them as soon as I see them. Could be luck, but I suspect that killing them repeatedly results in lowering their respawn in the given area, as I have seen the same results with deer. For Mountain Town map, I arrived and cleared the town. The next day I cleared to the homestead farm. The next day I cleared around the farm and the fourth day I cleared from town to the blocked tunnel. I don't like wandering around running into wolves any more than necessary. When I enter an area, my first mission is to clear wolves. I seek them out. I don't know where this falls in terms of what is average, but I have 104 wolf kills in 175 days. -G
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