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  2. A Few Dead Men

    Deadman 3 / Day 23 Today's plans are similar to yesterday's, except that the carcasses at the Dam are both processed to the last bone and I'm even hungrier. My stomach is almost empty, I have a can of pork and beans, salty crackers and two cattails. Not even enough to carry me through the day. As soon as the weather allows, I'm heading out towards Alan's Cave, and hope to end the day at Camp Office so that I can fish and restock on cattails... after politely asking the local wolves for permission... of course. -----------------------------------
  3. The last time up the summit

    Yeah my last Stalker game was the first time i had actually took everything off of the summit, i did not know about this bouldering path.
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  5. A Few Dead Men

    On one or two occasions I found a pair of boots there [upper floors in the Upper Dam], otherwise just the chocolate bar or something like that...
  6. Add landmark items to mapping...

    I like this idea. Maybe even let us add notes to the map when we are looking at it in game. For example if I was standing outside a trailer in the hills in CH I could look at it with the center dot and use the charcoal and the game would give me the option to add a note to the map so that when I looked at the map (1) the trailer would be drawn and (2) if I click on it my note would come up "stash house, has bed, dropped bunch of hides and lantern" or "looted, has bed, outside fire pit" etc.
  7. Idea for New Region

    66 lbs is really not that heavy and even sedentary people can adapt to that pretty quickly. Wildland firefighters have to complete a pack test where (if I remember correctly) they carry a 50lb pack in the mountains (mostly uphill/sidehill and uneven terrain) for 2 miles in under 4 hrs (so they have to be agile too). I know a lot of people that did the test (literally over 100) and only a handfull were unable to complete it. And the overwhelming majority were completely out of shape the day of the test. My point is that avg people without preperation should be able to handle a 70lb pack when motivated to survive.
  8. I love snares after this experiment

    "Die-die, man things! Horned Rat will rule-rule!" Gulping a smoking piece of warpstone the mighty Grey Seer unleashed his foul magic, summoning a great Vermintide. A boiling writhing wave of bloodthirsty rodents charged at the massed ranks of Altdorf halberdiers. The imperial troops steeled their resolve, bracing themselves for the horrifying attack. Then the unbelievable happened. The squeaking mass of plague infected beasts ground to a halt. A hidden wall of cleverly disguised snares stopped their advance, necks snapped and paws maimed. The obscene sorcery binding their will faded away and the surviving rats scattered in panic. A roaring command echoed from the imperial general. "Charge! For our homes! For mankind! FOR SIGMAR!!" The shocked Grey Seer wasn't fast enough. The courage of Men didn't falter that day. The few surviving skaven fled deep into their filthy tunnels, cursing the Day of trap-field for many years.
  9. Midnight Respite

    Thanks . Next time I'll remember to make my art in 6:9 aspect ratio. I was half done by the time I realized it would be all zoomed in if I made it my wallpaper.
  10. Erratic walking speed

    I've observed this effect well, and I use it to my advantage when I'm way, way overburdened. Someone above said it: sometimes, you can get closer to normal walking speed by crouching and then getting back up while walking. Otherwise, the tiniest "drop" seems to also give you the normal walking speed. It's like it forgets to re-reduce your speed after making some kind of calculation, but it will recalculate if you stop moving and start up again. Wind direction will affect your walking speed, of course, but this isn't that. Fun fact: walking head-on into the wind will slow you down tremendously. Helpful hint: turn around and walk backwards...
  11. Cooking Phenomena

    I didn't know this-- I was going to make a suggestion about altering the cooking mechanic to accommodate something like this.
  12. Why Tinder?!

    This is a mechanic I've never quite understood. I certainly know the role of tinder or kindling in a real fire, but in this game, it is required to start any fire (until skill allows not to), but it does not seem to matter what you use as tinder, and once you can start a fire without tinder, whether or not you use tinder doesn't make a difference either. So, now I'm in a situation where I don't need tinder to start a fire, but I have tons of it lying around that I have nothing to do with. It would seem like I could just throw that stuff into the fire and get a little extra out of it, or improve my chances of getting a fire to start by using it.
  13. I love snares after this experiment

    I had never used them very much, either, but I have been getting back to sandbox the past week or two, for the first time since Wintermute was released-- and I'm a believer. I used to find them almost without value, because before, they would break too easily (literally, I feel like they'd catch one rabbit, and have a 50/50 to break), and given that rabbits don't have much meat on them, it seemed like only useful to get material for gloves. Anyway, I did like you've done, at Trapper's cabin, and I've put out 8-10 snares, I will typically wind up with 4 rabbits several times a day. It's unfortunate that there really isn't a use for the rabbit pelts once you've got some gloves and can maintain them, because I've got a legit bun-o-cide on my hands. I also have not noticed any "overfishing" problem-- I put the snares back immediately. This may be something to do with Voyageur, also, but it seems like it doesn't matter when I actually go to the trap, the rabbits are almost never more than 2% frozen when I fetch them from the snare. I've taken to just leaving them outside by the front door of Trapper's-- either there's no animal pathing to the front door there, or Voyageur just doesn't let animals come to your door, because I haven't seen a wolf or a bear visible from anywhere on the Trapper's plateau. As an experiment, I dropped a line of decoys (like 15) across the field in front of Trapper's, and they're all still there, and not a single wolf or bear has turned up.
  14. ''MEAT STEW''

    I agree. One of the reasons why i advocate for (bone marrow) soups: good nutritional value from something that could already be in the game. There is no risk from parasites since parasites eggs are inside muscle tissue and not inside the bones. It just makes sense to me. Aside from that - dealing with the parasites should be only a matter of temperature and preparation anyway. But then we have no need for watching nutrition intake since malnutrition is not a thing. Stew / soul food for 'fluff' and morale i can see as an alternative however.
  15. I thought that title would grab ya! I'm in Day 72 of a Voyageur play-through, and this is the first time I've actually played sandbox since the new cooking mechanic was added. What I'm finding a lot is that I begin cooking something (or two somethings), and then I want to stack in another activity: clothing repair, studying a book, crafting at a workbench, fishing, etc. Unfortunately, since you can't read or craft in smaller chunks of time, and repairs can't be interrupted, you're often left staring at the food to cook, wishing you could make better use of the time. Fishing is the only one you can really make this work with now, though, since you can interrupt it (e.g., fish for 1 hour, and when the circle is half-full, you're at the 30-minute mark and you can cancel out of fishing and tend to your foodstuffs.) Being able to stack time like this is especially critical when time is short or resources like firewood are scarce. What I propose is allowing studying, and bench crafting to be done in smaller segments (15 minute?) , or just give them a cancel button like the fishing activity, and then calculate completion from there. I know with the bench now, you can craft in .5 hour increments, however when you get down to the last bit, it won't let you do half-hours (I think on the last 1.5 hours on a bow, it wouldn't let me craft for any less than the full 1.5 hours). Additionally, perhaps, partial repairs. Sometimes, some clothing repairs take a really long time (like, fixing up an urban parka, using fishing tackle). This means that, in the real world, you could work on it for a little while when you had time, but in-game here, you have to make sure that you have the full time period available to complete it.
  16. I became curious about snares. Curious as to why I see a small number of players utilizing them, and larger number saying they are useless. My previous experience was no different from most. Catch a rabbit or two and then move onto bigger things like crafting a bow, or seeing how far I can throw a rock off a cliff. With my current Interloper run (around Day 23). Let's try 16 snares! gulp... Things I've Discovered with this Snare Experiment. 1. 16 snares, I would catch 8-10 rabbits per day. I would check 3 to 4 times a day, and reset the snares after each catch. 2. Times I would check is morning, noon, and night. I found that with timing your checks consistently, you can get rabbits that are only 1% frozen. It almost felt like every 3 hours in-game time there would be something new to harvest. 2. The setup is easy to maintain. After harvesting the broken snare, you receive 1 reclaimed wood back. It only takes 1 cured gut to replace a destroyed one. After a few days of doing this, you are swimming in the curing gut and becoming the efficient machine. 3. A snares weight is the same as reclaimed wood. Which means it's transportable to other locations. Just imagine you are carrying reclaimed wood and you have a fridge of food on your back. 4. Condition with snares are bool - 100% or destroyed. 5. Great way to level up harvesting skill quickly. 6. Snow Shelters are awesome for fighting cabin fever and protecting you from wild life! With the amount of harvesting of rabbits you catch, and avoiding cold while harvesting, you will find yourself fighting cabin fever constantly. I built a snow shelter near the snares where the rocks were blocking the wind. At Trapper's Cabin, I cannot find another way to keep up with the harvesting without the snow shelter. This is because Cabin Fever would consume me, and on Interloper it's been too risky to harvest directly at a fire due to inconsistent weather. 7. When harvesting, always keep in mind of your smell and inventory. When are where. Drop the rabbit if you're not doing anything with it in a safe place. I've noticed that harvesting rabbits in a snow shelter brings the big bear fast! These dead rabbits in your inventory are super magnets for bears and wolves! Snow shelter protection from bear when harvesting rabbit From the wiki After 5 days I haven't noticed a reduction yet. To be continued. Today I learned that snares are rad, no matter what others tell you.
  17. The last time up the summit

    Last time coming up to the summit, just got the last of the loot to grab and then back down to base camp. Was any easy hike up to the rope leading to the summit. After resting most of the night, it's only a few hours til dawn but with a full moon and no breeze an early morning assault is beckoning. As I approach the rope, my torch still has a while to burn. I drop it in the snow by the rope and begin my ascent. Just shy of the top as I am running out of stamina, not wanting to risk falling, I take a breather on the ledge just below. I slowly creep up on the edge and looking down I can barely see the light of my still burning torch. After taking a little siesta, I push for the top and my final trip to the summit. Whew, finally made it. Take a minute as I catch my breath to do a quick little survey for map! Now for quick pic of the tail section for the scrapbook and then it's time to think about heading back down. Ok, nothing left up here to salvage. got every last useable item and now its time to head back to base camp. Decided to just drop down the face off to the right of the tail section. Yeah, it's a doozie. My jumping off point, you can see an engine down below. Like extreme back country X-games snow skiing! Just follow the fall line and traverse a lot. A little while later, I'm about a good third of the way down. Got some minor bruises, torn clothing etc, but so far doing well against the odds. Looking back upwards from where I just duckwalked down from looks impossible, but I got the sprains and bruises to show for it. A short controlled fall or two or three, and I am almost down off the mountain. just need to walk down this final slope and base camp is just a short jaunt away Wow, what a rush, from the summit to the bottom freestyle. Bring plenty of painkillers, your gonna need them, but the time saved is worth every bruise sustained. Well that little dot is the fishing hut so, time to head home and call it a day. Thanks for reading!
  18. Bed Reading with warmth bonus

    @BareSkin still frustrated that you have been unable to read in your current bareskin run?
  19. Aurora scanner

    Interesting that on every overlay at and below the height of 250hPa (minus the the aurora), you can see evidence of the two typhoons southeast of Japan.
  20. Midnight Respite

    Definitely saving this!
  21. BareSkins are dying

    I'm late on reading your current run. From what you were saying on Day3, some buildings like the buildings of Rural Cross Roads (not including the store) have a chance to spawn ruined or intact. There are other small groups of residential type buildings with random ruined/intact spawn chances on some other maps, but since you might consider it a spoiler i won't tell where they are. I read that out of context at first and thought you were talking about a summit soda.
  22. ''MEAT STEW''

    also, without getting into a big cabin fever discussion, perhaps more engaging indoor activities like reading, cooking (prepared dishes like stew, soup) could negate cabin fever or at least slow the rate of risk accrual during those activities. If I was in a survival situation I imagine a hearty stew would be a pretty big morale boost compared to a charred piece of venison. Maybe also stews etc could negate the intestinal parasites from carnivores - downside it's slow cooking so you need a lot of fuel and it takes ages.
  23. ''MEAT STEW''

    In theory under survival situations you are generally better off making a soup or stew than cooking over an open flame or on a pan etc. That way all the nutrients and fats etc cook into the broth rather than being lost sizzling into the fire or seeping into a rock. Also you can extract calories from more marginal bits of the animal.
  24. BareSkins are dying

    You're having a tough time. Still, great to read about. Remember, early days Interloper is all about move, move, move. You need that loot, you need those calories. My 100 day Outerloper character was burning through cattails and other nonrenewables like there was no tomorrow until day 80 or so, when he was able to slow down, hunt, and eat meat.
  25. ''MEAT STEW''

    While it would be fun to make soups and stews, what would be the advantage? You can already cook and eat the meat, so boiling it into a broth wouldn't add anything extra. A hot meal is a hot meal, and we don't get a warmth bonus from eating a freshly cooked steak like we do with hot drinks, so that might be the only advantage. I do second the idea of having more dried goods on hand. Rice, beans, barley, rolled oats, etc. should be pantry staples in most households, so to find nothing of the sort is a bit of a stretch.
  26. MRE's : the spice of life living in the post apocalypse

    For me it was the old 1990's Chicken & Rice. Sounds fairly safe, right? If you love the taste of coriander, it is. You never think about how changes in altitude might affect you tastebuds, until you are there, and it does. Mountains of Peru, caving and backpacking, 1997. MRE's packed, Chicken & Rice was what we chose for dinner at our first basecamp. Apparently the altitude made all of our tastebuds super sensitive to the seasonings in the entree. We all had to choke it down, and fight to keep it down. Except Barb. Our resident ovo-lacto vegetarian. She was eating boiled eggs and cheese with the sherpas. The only one of us who was not sick for the entire night, tasting coriander for the next 3 days, no matter what we ate or drank to get rid of the taste. It was a learning experience, lol!
  27. BareSkins are dying

    BaSk7-D8 [Vanilla Loper][Cold Fusion] Another day fighting for calories. I have at least one additional gut curing downstairs on the bar, and a hook and a hammer/prybar, but no fishing hut. An endless story. Except it ends. Soon. Wake up starved, outside its dark and very windy, I harvest yesterday’s rabbit gut and wind goes out. It’s still pitch dark, I go for 3 more hours bedtime, since I can’t read hungry. Around 11am, wind stops and gives way to one of these wonderful days, just like yesterday… I go towards the waterfall, there’s the bear. Still not confident about the stones, didn’t get the Stone-Age Sniper achievement so I refrain hunting it and cross the river before heading to BunnyCity. As soon as I snap one, medium fog, I hesitate between shelter in the cave and going back right now to the farm. Fear of being trapped in the cave with no bedroll makes my legs decide it’s the farm even in hypo already. Above the crest, I can’t locate the bear, I also notice sticks respawn is really minimal, I’ve looted the area like 2 days ago and find only 3 sticks. Enter the Farm at 18%. Half my health for 1.1kg meat doesn’t seem like a good deal. At noon, with meat harvested the temptation is to eat this and go to sleep, but it’s coded to be inefficient cause I don’t have enough Fatigue built up, only 50%. I’ll have to refrain eating, and break the stairs with my trail boots during afternoon. I grab the torches from yesterday blizzard and turn them all back into sticks except one. Light fog outside, I sprint to check the mail (kidding, that’s more about building up Fatigue-resource). Nobody has sent a kind word for me. Not even a stick or a rabbit. Light fog seems a really nice weather, it’s somewhat warm, or at least it feels like. I’m tired enough now, time to cook. 6 hours is the maximum sleep time without starving at night. I try to hack the game and start reading a book at 24calories with a torch, but the game isn’t that stupid. I’m at 29%, it’s midnight. The night outside is clear and full of terrors, FL-19. My brain urges me to “do something”, like going check if there’s a bedroll at the green abandoned rabbit spot. But I’d better not. I need to make a wolf kill a deer, patience, young padawan, patience. I’m thinking that I found many trail boots and only one black pair of boots, maybe the rare ones are better? Question boils down to: is .5° worth 1kg and -10% waterproofing? Tough call. I decide it’s not , maybe because the sentimental view I have for my boots, after all I slept with them, we’re linked. Start a fire, I’m decided to go out it fails, I take that as the game speaking to me “dude, don't be foolish again, go back to bed”. I obey and sleep for 4h until early morning, 25% condition and a blizzard. I unsuccessfully lick the rabbit pelts, still 0 calories. Repair my driving gloves to “decent”, fail once. Tomorrow, the game won't speak to me, and I'll be foolish again. But BareSkin7 doesn't know that yet.
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