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  2. Correction to my post above: "Even though cloth may be currently required to make one of the items (bear skin bedroll), it isn't required to repair them. (Sorry for my confusion.)
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  4. Imma gonna watch that
  5. And I have been writing a book based on the long dark.
  6. I am in a film class and I only thought that show dont tell only applied to film
  7. Share your screenshots

    For that rare moment when I feel like life is "normal" again...
  8. Share your screenshots

    That is gorgeous. I don't often see the majority of the rainbow spectrum represented. I finally finished my first Archivist run today. I blame the "slowness" on standing outside, taking copious amounts of screenshots instead of finding computers to look at.
  9. All are so gorgeous on so many levels, but I super really like @DaltonP's. I have done white conte on black paper and always enjoy that sort of artwork/look. Additionally, reminds me of Japanese artworks (namely, the cover of Weezer's Pinkerton album, by Hiroshige).
  10. Very well said. I am still a newer player to this game, only 362 hours so far, and just started playing Stalker difficulty. With that in mind it did not take me long to understand that there are several things one must do to have a successful run. Know the regions Have a plan Set priorities and always change your priorities as opportunities/mishaps occur. Manage your time. As was shown in @jeffpeng example, he did all four with a hefty amount of experience and was thus successful.
  11. Hi. I suggest to implement for permanently, actions for L1/R1 buttons, which would be responsible for changing categories in backpack. For now you can choose categories by using D-Pad + X, and when it is selected, only then L1/R1 work either. I recommend to remove D-Pad choosing categories and move this actions only for L1/R1. It would be more intuitive. And the same trick by searching containers. ⭕ back/wstecz - transform to "EXIT"
  12. I won't quote every single statement here, but generally: There are enough calories in the game. There aren't enough calories in the game to sit on your butt in your sweet little cabin from day one, but there are enough. And yes, even in Interloper. also won't argue those points as they have been argued countless times and will be argued countless times. But I kinda wanna give a recipe how to stay "Well Fed" on Interloper and beyond. Interloper basically has two stages: Scavenger and Hunter. As the Scavenger you live from what you find, and to find enough you have to move a lot and plan thoughtfully. Staying two days in one place is actually already a failure unless you have a good reason for it. Plan ahead, know your environment, know where to find what. There are a few rather dependable food sources (cattails, reishi, rose hips), and if you cover enough ground you will find stuff eventually. Be thorough searching buildings. I know many people claim containers aren't worth it in Interloper but they are. Don't waste your calories and time (= calories, too) on silly things like breaking furniture, taking hides and guts from carcasses or reading a book when there's actually good weather to be on the road. You can basically go everywhere once munching yourself through what you can find, but you cannot stay. Your ultimate goal is to collect as much gear as you can in the process, and end your "Grande Tour" at a forge and have some saplings curing somewhere already. Calculate that route in advance. For example: Try to stick to your route. Make a timetable where you wanna be when at big way points, and try to stick to that as well. Don't dally. Don't collect the last of the last. You're on borrowed time all the way until you have your weapons. Manage your food resources and realize in advance when you are in trouble. Learn how to utilize wolves to do your hunting for you. Don't actively hunt rabbits, they aren't worth the calories and time, but if one basically begs you to kill it and it suits your schedule take what mother nature offers you. Don't fish. Just ... don't. Once you've got your arrow heads craft as many arrows as you can as it raises your skill - and archery skill matters. Now ... you are the Hunter. Shoot everything you can shoot, including rabbits. Being a successful hunter long term requires you to attain Archery V sooner rather than later. Being the Hunter you can stay several days in one place, and you should have a "base" by now, even better if it supplies you with rabbits. But don't get lazy. Stay on the move, hunt for bad days in advance, plunder the regions you haven't plundered yet. Having done a complete sweep of Great Bear you should find yourself around Day 150, depending on how progressive you were. You've attained Cooking V and Archery V some time ago, probably also Fire Starting V and Carcass Harvesting V. You already have a well established base and probably made plans how to live out the next 350 days. If an almost 40 years old casual gamer can do that in a Sleepwalker game without sleep recovery and just "Low" recovery while being awake without starving in said 150 days you clearly can do it with the lush sleep recovery Interloper grants you. It doesn't require extraordinary skill, just good planning and good knowledge of what you are doing - which is basically the essence of any undertaking in life. You don't need to be a scientist to build a radio, but schematics help and knowing a battery from a capacitor is equally important. And in general ... don't ask how you can make a challenge easier. Ask yourself how you can become better to be up to the challenge. If people can do it, you can do it. Plus, what I always say: Games are games. They are neither logical nor realistic. They are a fictionalized abstraction of what life could be. If deer in TLD have just 10 kg of usable meat max ... well, that's probably for a reason.
  13. I'm all for allowing us to craft arrow shafts, assemble arrows and continue to sew hide items while away from a workbench. I don't see where having the ability to construct different looking structures as storm shelters would serve a huge purpose in the game that the current terrain and snow shelters can't easily serve. As I said, the terrain given to us in the game is such that one should never be so far away from a natural windbreak to be stuck out in the open in a blizzard and needing to rest. Firstly, the game telegraphs the approach of blizzards by crows flying and clouds forming and winds starting to pick up, which allows sufficient time for an unencumbered player to locate and get to at least some form of natural shelter. As you say, a lean-to requires "a few logs" Are you suggesting that a player should then be able to find logs, drag them to a chosen location, find pine boughs and pack those to the same location and construct a lean-to in a blizzard in less time than they can just locate a natural windbreak?. As I said, if people want to bog down their game packing around materials and tools to construct more complex structures, I say let them. I don't really see most players using such a mechanic to shelter themselves from an onsetting blizzard. I would rather they invest in giving us an advancement from merely surviving to actually thriving and becoming permanently settled in the game... represented by allowing us to eventually develop skills to construct an actual log cabin of our own somewhere in the game. As I've also said, the net usage of cloth for temporary shelters can be easily remedied by having more cloth returned to the player upon dismantling of the shelter. The usage of cloth for clothing essentially becomes obsolete in the game once the player accumulates enough hides to make clothing. Even though cloth may be currently required to repair some of the items, it doesn't prevent the player from simply manufacturing new ones to replace ones that are wearing out instead of making repairs.
  14. Question Thread :: Milton Mailbag

    Would it be possible to make the button/key you are suppose to press in a wolf struggle it's own binding? It would help if i could have it has something other than the left mouse button without having to change my interact button.
  15. Save Game For Survival

    That was well written. The 'jump off a cliff' scenario can be done without dying as long as you do not hit the ground; press escape key and voila no death. The idea for achievements being disabled while in a custom setting is perfectly acceptable. In fact I would say leave them off until Voyageur. The save anywhere mechanic is already in the game just use it in Custom game and Story only. Maybe add the 'Save feature is disabled' text during Survival game mode selection to offer a warning and make it feel like a more ominous decision. edit Another way to use the save feature is by having it as an option that when save is turned off another bonus kicks in. I just found out that feat progression is disabled in custom already. Was this always this way?
  16. Allowing Research to Occur in 0.25-Hour Increments

    I totally agree and wish for 1/4 hour increments as well, but i think it's probably a balancing decision made by Hinterland. The skill books are, in a way, a cheat item.
  17. Cold Window

    You should ask about this in the Milton mailbag question thread. I've gotten all three of my questions answered before, he will probably answer one about this.
  18. Deep Forest Achievement

    Well it needs to burn 72 hours and you get at max a 50% increase to fire duration with an outside fire. If you go inside your outside fire will not keep it's duration bonus and only regains it when you go back outside. If you are only using cedar then you need less than 72 pieces. I got this achievement (on accident) during a summit loot. I had to keep a fire going constantly while i looted and consolidated it all down to manageable size. I would recommend making it in a cave entrance so the fire would be wind shielded and have the outdoor bonus. You can find the caves inside/outside line a few ways. You can take an uncured thing and keep placing it further and further into the cave until you see it at 1% cured. Alternatively you can keep checking your feel like temp until it goes up when you cross inside. Welcome to the community by the way.
  19. All well and good until/unless one isn't handy when a blizzard hits or you need to rest ~ and I'd rather use a hacksaw I can repair to cut a few branches than eat up cloth for a single night. The same could be said for a hide tent; animal hides and sinew, along with branches, are endlessly renewing. The need to eat is also a constant. I've never been able to wear out enough clothes to use up the hides I collect ... and it would be nice to have a use for them. I play this game to relax, which leaves interloper and stalker on permanent no-no. I'm not at all interested in mechanically created or manipulated challenges ~ I prefer substance. Right now the outside temp where I live is about 18F with a windchill taking it down to under 0. My heat comes from wood. If I didn't have a solar option to keep my led lights on I'd have oil lamps burning. If I didn't have the computer to keep me amused/occupied I'd be crocheting, quilting, or baking. See, I'm quite capable of dealing with cold and snow and no electricity. I'm just not interested in whiling away the hours dodging wolves or letting blizzards eat my clothing. I would prefer something to 'do' if that makes any sense. Ideally I'd prefer to have crafting to occupy myself during blizzards, using materials I gathered when the wind wasn't so ornery. Since there is a fully optional custom menu, it shouldn't be all that difficult to allow those who want to play as nomads and endlessly duck wolves and dare the weather to do so, while also allowing those who prefer to set up a base (or a few) and do the same. That is the definition of sandbox.
  20. Hey ya'll. A long time ago, an update changed the anti aliasing-- I believe it was Faithful Cartographer in June of 2017. I can't help but notice that now everything in the distance looks blurry, like Will lost his glasses. See this Google Drive folder: The pre-Faithful Cartographer screenshots are the blue one in Mystery lake (February of 2017) and the red one in Timberwolf Mountain (February of 2016). The other two were taken today for comparison. Both comparisons have identical resolutions, are PNG files, and are at ultra settings. It would be really nice to be able to select what kind of anti aliasing we want (FXAA, MSAA, etc.) Thoughts?
  21. However, it's easier to use the natural terrain as a windbreak rather than piling up snow as a windbreak. On most maps I've been, there are lots of indentations in the rocks and even small hidden caves that provide wind protection from multiple directions. Even the Pleasant Valley map (which has a large open area) has features that can be used as wind breaks (e.g. hay bales and the snow plow ridges along the various "roadways."
  22. Newbie Survivor Log

    Day 48 - failed to repair parka, it's ok at 84% i just wanted to wait a bit before travelling, fixed my earmuffs, then slept an hour due to fog - it's amazing how fast the calories burn on this mountain, i can't say i swim in food anymore, using teas and coffees often - i could shoot a deer if i get stuck somewhere for a while, but i rather save the bullets for predators - repaired parka after all, this fog is still meh but i want to move - hello a bear in the middle of a narrow path, waiting for him to leave, is he stuck? he's moving his legs but he's not moving from the spot - all right where is my flare gun, i only have one bullet but if he sees me sneaking by i'll use it - i love when you complain in a loud voice about hunger when you're close to a bear, let's remind him that it's dinner time - oh halp, am I stuck? why can't i move? D: is the game about to crash? none of the buttons are working, rebooot, i hope i don't return to the game eaten by a bear because i got stuck at the narrowest distance to his back - why is nothing working? is my computer broken? ;-; OH! lol my keyboard battery is dead, it could have beeped or winked or something to let me know - oh well where am I? back at the cave... lets go back to the bear... bear? bear? where are you? - don't see him, this moderate snowfall and wind aren't too friendly - a rope down, nah i don't want to go down, ran around the entire plateau peering off the edges, i'm not finding a way up, it's past noon already - ouch! my ankle, open meds screen, use painkillers, close screen. What even is THIS! ahh!!! blizzard!! where the snowfall am i? crawling along the mountain ridge hopeful i find my cave and not the bear - negative 16C brrrr!! deer clearing? yes yes cave somewhere... um... here... ouch! warmth dived into red... i think i've seen this big rock with white in the center wuuhww - this mountain has sneaky blizzards that pop in thirty seconds - my cave! i almost turned into popsicle! - interesting, there is a piece of coal i've missed, i'll just sleep for an hour to recover fatigue - wake up, it's moderately snowing, heh i have a feeling that blizzard was out to get me specifically, as soon as I hid it stopped within an hour - i have some charcoal in the burned out fire, i'll walk around and map the area while there is daylight left - ugh it's confusing having a bad sense of direction, i think this way is where i came from, empty hacksaw container - it's still fairly cold, chopped up a fir limb and returned to the cave - i'm going to be careful with food i have burned a lot of it
  23. Save Game For Survival

    It may be helpful to point out that other than a couple obvious exceptions, nothing in TLD is instantly fatal to the well prepared. You can be mauled by a bear and survive. You can play fetch with wolves, who don't quite have the idea, and survive. You can even boop Bullwinkle on the nose and live to tell the tail. The only things you cannot do are things that if you think twice about it, shouldn't be a surprise (such as leaping off a cliff, or dancing on the electric wires). So, the game gives you plenty of slack to experiment with the mechanics. What it does not give you is a consequence-free way to do so.
  24. This would enable the player to more effectively do research while cooking items that take less than a full hour (e.g. melting snow or boiling water in a recycled can, both of which takes about 15 minutes, or cooking fish, which often takes about 45 minutes.
  25. I don't recall saying we 'should' have more tools ~ or anything at all about sheets of tin (???). A lean to shelter requires a few logs, pine branches, and sinew or leather strips. Nothing needs to be carried beyond whatever cutting implement you've already got. A windbreak for the fire only requires piling up snow! I'd rather spend two hours setting up an actual camp than putting together a snow shelter and a fire, and having the fire blow out within an hour because the blasted wind changes direction. Of course, that can happen with a windbreak as well, but not quite as often. Sorry. I would like something more to do with my time than just running desperately from one place to another ... or feeling like the pocket lint of a troglodyte because of all of the things I'm not allowed to do. Fwiw, the only time I'm overencumbered is when I get done looting one region and I'm packing it back to a home base.
  26. Flint Knapping (Stone Arrowheads)

    Why I'd like to see it added is to give the player more portable crafting options so that there is more to do while sitting in a cave during a blizzard than reading a book or mending clothing... or just passing the time playing black-screen solitaire. I'd also like to see some ability to progress the crafting of the skin clothing options along while away from a workbench for the same reason and see no reason why once the player has started a set of rabbitskin mittens, for example, they couldn't just continue to progress the sewing of them while away from a workbench. Similarly, why can't we whittle arrowshafts while sitting by a campfire?
  27. Save Game For Survival

    I'm all for allowing players to save when they want to save. For me, I am frequently interrupted while playing and it's just safer to save quickly before leaving my console unattended for even a short time. Pausing the game to deal with the interruption without a save has caused me to lose progress when things like little power or internet fluctuations have happened. These blips can, of course, also occur while I'm actually playing, so saving frequently is something I prefer to do whenever I can. More and more games are coming out with systems that seem to want to prevent the player from saving with the excuse the players will exploit it. Sure, some players might exploit it, but this is also a single-player game. If they want to ruin their own experience by save scumming, I say let them. Their "misbehavior" shouldn't be an excuse to unnecessarily inconvenience other players.
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