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  2. Have you tried loading up with twenty or so stones, locate something dead at the bottom of a cliff and go to the top of the cliff so that the crows are circling right in front of you? Then you can have fun chucking stones at them. Of course it's useless, but it shows dedication. I did.
  3. Day 48

    I just arrived back at base(Coastal highway gas station)after being attacked by a wolf after being locked in a car for several hours. Opening the door and shaking the snow off my parka ruff, I sparked my storm lantern and limped to the back of the shop to my fire barrel.

    I set my lantern on a self near by. I looked in the corner of the room to see I only have three or four hours worth of wood, well it will have to do for now I said in my head while picking the wood up.

    I walked back to the barrel and placed them in along with a old book on how to knit the perfect sweater. I looked my bag to see I only had three wood matches on me. I start lighting the fire failed half way through, the second time it worked.

    I took off my ripped parka and set it next to the fire and walked to my medical cabinet and took some antibiotics for the wolf bite.

    Then went to the fridge to grab a soda or two. Thinking back on it now, I have no idea why I spent so long thinking what sodas I should drink. After several minutes of picking sodas I settled on a stacy grape soda and a summit.

    Walking back to my fire barrel, I started unloading from my last supply run.

    When I got back to my fire, I started to sewing my parka back together I nailed it first try. Slipping my good as new parka on I realized I left my lantern on the whole time looking at my lantern on the shelf I could see It was off.

    -sigh- oh well guess I need to find some more fuel in the morning I said to my self while rolling out my bed roll next to the fire. I drank my two sodas and spent my last hour of wood for the fire reading a old hunting book I found in a hunting stand a few days ago.

    After the fire died I slipped into bed, after a few minutes of moving around to get comfortable, I started drift to sleep thinking in my head what that wolf was doing right now... most likely bragging to his wolf friends saying how he kicked the crap out of a human I said with a chuckle as I was closed my eyes to float off into sleep... Good night Canada.

    To be continued?

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  5. I've been recording some Outerloper runs lately but it becomes obvious pretty quick that the bedroll is the best thing in the game for that mode so I ran a little experimental start the other day to see if you could have a viable outerloper start in Desolation Point and get yourself the bedroll from Scruffy. Take a look, if anyone has studied Scruffy's behaviors and has more knowledge on it I'd love to know.
  6. Well I know that, in need a wolf will call pack members to help. I say it will only be fair and more like the real thing, especially knowing how much a wolf really and I mean really want's to kill the player in this game.
  7. That is cold, lol. But, keep in mind that is fresh-water from the Lake, not salt-water from the ocean. So, salt-water freezes at a lower temperature than fresh water. That is the West Pierhead Lighthouse (aka/The Cleveland Harbor Main Entrance Lighthouse) on Lake Erie, in Cleveland, Ohio. And it is still in use on the lake for recreational boaters and commercial mariners. It began freezing over annually in 2010 or 2011, and has frozen over each year since. Oddly, the other lighthouses on the lake do not seem to have the same problem. Or *art event*, as it were. It's only 3 1/2 hours away from us, so we go up every year to see it. And take cameras, of course. Though, with me being in hospital, we missed it this year. :((
  8. Yes the lighthouse has ice, the waves are covering it.
  9. did you watch the video? just curious
  10. I would like to see more huntable animals in general
  11. quite recently i managed to make it to day 80 on stalker! (keep in mind i have never lasted more thandays on any survival run before)
  12. i wish you could kill crows in this game you could find crows standing on the dead bodies of animals and they fly away when the player approaches and maybe even make them stunable with stones and harvesting them would give you 20 feathers 1 gut and 05 - 1 kg of meat. (the meat would give you intestinal parasites)
  13. I've seen Wolves get slower right before they do, but currently they don't limp. I agree though, limping would be a nice touch. As for Wolves howling to call others I'm not really sure how I feel about this...
  14. okay, so deers can only be found as males same with wolves, bears and moose what about if you can find deer with no antlers indicating that its a female or bears with slimmer heads maybe a wolf with less neck fluff and even anterless moose? i know its not really na "feature' but we can all agree that small details in games make the experience alot more enjoyable heck! maybe even the ability to harvest antlers!
  15. so you know how you can shoot a wolf in the knee and have it still run away or wit ha bear you can shoot it in the foot and it just not care at all, what if something that causes animals shot in the leg to run slower or limp was implemented or even fall on the ground unable to move and behave like a wolf thats feeding on a carcasse and then lets say the fallen wolf would howl for help causing the wolves in the area to move closer not giving the player much time to finish the wolf of
  16. Wow that looks cold!
  17. Here's a little IRL video of what you can expect living in a light house during extreme frigid temperatures.
  18. My bad, they are "indoor" caves, indeed. I misspelled it.
  19. That's how I see the story in my mind's eye. Fluffy and her mate found a way into the Dam, through that open window, perhaps. One of them died, probably during one of the first Aurorae, and the wires becoming electrified, and it was not Fluffy. Get hungry enough, and you will eat your dead mate, if it is the only food you can get to. I have had dogs, who were terrified of open-backed stairs, ones they could see through. The stairs going up to the catwalks would have t had them too fearful to try to go up there, util pure desperation set in. Perhaps Fluffy was terrified of those stairs as well, but finally found a way out of the Dam. Wandered around the frozen pond for a while, looking for and calling for her mate. She eventually gave up, and found a way out from behind the Dam, and found her way to her new home, where she was unfortunate enough to become trapped again, or chose to live in the cave, with it's protection from the weather. Perhaps she was a new mother, and this is her den, but no new mate has been found, yet... or perhaps one has. The story can be whatever you want it to be, there is no firm lore from Hinterland that says it cannot be so. They have wonderfully given us a framework to build our own stories on, in Survival, and even a bit in Story Mode as well, grey areas we can fill with our imagination. How many wolves on Great Bear Island are children or relatives of Fluffy and Scruffy, respectively?
  20. There are 2 'indoor' caves (1 cave, 1 tunnel), and one 'outdoors', usually with bones...
  21. You've had a true Interloper! There's nothing to be sad about, any interloper in which you end up sticking arrows in stuff is a success. This is very rare to die to something else, but yes the church is dangerous (the Milton one too), since there are wolves patrols just under the hill, chased deers, chased rabbits... Mourning is part of the process. Soon you'll fire the game again, for revenge. I still remember the death of my lovely Bareskin 7, my last successful interloper. Everythime I pass by this fishing hut, I light a fire. For you it'll be this church!
  22. Well, if I'm not wrong DP has two caves and they are "outside"... or maybe we are talking about the same with different concepts.
  23. Any amount of engy would not be produced in the correct form factor anyway: a stable AC or DC output. Maybe only basic cooking heaters would work, but that's 100s of watts... no water pumps, no ovens, even the torch should not be working.
  24. Maybe Fluffy did escape and another wolf died in there?? Idk but I miss Fluffy.
  25. This is scary. Legends say a deadman committed suicide nearby.
  26. There's a lot of factors that enter into play, particularly where organic chemistry is concerned. But the "in a nutshell" version is if you're eating basically all meat and no carbs, you don't need anywhere near as much vitamin C to survive. You can get all or nearly all the vitamin C you need from eating the liver. Once you start eating carbs, then yeah you need to up your vitamin C intake. But it's never as simple as "You need X many mg of vitamin C every day." It's relative, depending on what else is in your diet.
  27. Soon the wiki contributors will to have to open a "bushtalk" section. I'll write the "Grandma's Fog" entry. BareSkin35- D15 [ Sleepwalker level 8] Last night in Spooky Farmstead I wait a bit doing nothing in the morning (aka reading, then start a fire before noon). Only 2 steaks left: SW8 asks 1 full deer every 2 days. And I still have Efficient Machine... Make some water and tea, test the temperature, and leave for the Red Barn without warmup bonus. I travel with 2 steaks, again, not my style, I’m out of my comfort zone but the visibility is perfect, and a rabbit proposes itself to lead the way. Warmup stop at the inside barrel, leave for Rural with tea, grab a ton of sticks, avoid 2 wolves, then drop a fire near a carcass after finding matches twice and a very nice coat at the gas station. 0.9kg meat is better than the 0 calories found in the station, but it barely pays for my travel, and I take the pelt, because one never has too many (total 4). Tomorrow, I’ll have to travel to that horrible place between rural and the exit, where you get ninja’d so often. I would normally from here transfer to the Dam/Trapper’s/Milton/Forge/retire, but I wanted to try something else. This is probably stupid without a bedroll. BareSkin35- D16 [ Sleepwalker level 8] In the morning I loot the house I slept in: 1.5L water and salty crackers, I then finish my 3rd sewing kit repairing clothes. Still overweighted, but I leave as is, in FL-3. I prefer dropping some goodies in CH trailer after the mine, just in case I live long enough to come back. Can’t leave the pelts, right? This is the end of journal entry for this day, surely because under a lot of stress I forgot to alt-tab until safety (aka a bed) Death bowl 2.0: can't make a fire, too sloppy. Got a heart attack, even if I expected it: see who was waiting for me on top of the frame? Luckily enough, this time the slope was not denying me a defensive fire. Followed the broken tree indication, then said goodbye to Blizzard Valley. Spat on it. Overweight + tons of coal I can't leave, need a software help. I want this trailer so much.
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