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  2. Suggestion for The Long Dark Store

    I'd wear either one! XD
  3. Was inspired by the Coastal Highway region.
  4. The Long Dark Hotfixed to v1.27 [34908] on STEAM

    No, as far as I know this is just an update to Unity and Wwise and a whole bunch of bug crushing. I played through all of the Story Mode on Test Track and it was just as it was after the Difficulty level update.
  5. Anyone else miss the “new location” music?

    I miss the "new location" music sting, too. Can anyone confirm if the latest hotfix brings it back? One item in the changelist (Fixed issue where exploration music cues were not playing as intended) seems to imply that it does!
  6. Even if it didn't do anything other than warm and 100 calories - I would be all for it.
  7. No ML prepper cache spawn in custom survival possible?

    I very much agree that, if possible, there should be an option in custom setting regarding cache availability. Perhaps like the rifle switch, on or off? I finally dialed in a setting based on interloper that I really like but I would've added a cache if I had the opportunity. This very idea likely deserves it's own thread. Regardless I'm happy that we have some clarity on the issue.
  8. IIRC there is one in either (or both) the overlook tower in CH and/or ML.
  9. Does this update include the improvements of the storymode (survival school optional, more freedom how to progress with the quests ...), or will these things be adressed in the next update?
  10. Conflicting Achievements?

    Yes, getting a skill level of 5 before reading the books relevant to that skill will prevent you from getting the achievement. I can confirm from experience
  11. Conflicting Achievements?

    I may be wrong, but if you aren't finding and reading any books before your skill gets to level 5, then you're out of luck regarding the "Penitent Scholar" achievement, which makes perfect sense given the actual requirements. I can't imagine getting to that level before finding the required books, unless they simply aren't in the world, but I suppose if one also doesn't explore every nook and cranny, it could happen.
  12. Keep TLD As It Is.

    It does respawn on all levels, even in interloper, for sure.
  13. Suggestion for The Long Dark Store

    maybe a hinterland coffee cup but made of the light wight metal perfect for camping. to be honest maybe they already have that its been a while
  14. Art? I guess so

    yeah a section of the forums for the aurora preppers
  15. Original hinterland coffee mug

    yeah I miss the mug I wanted one of them. but to no success
  16. The end of the world

    ahh rip the classic death ravine. one of the most common places of death in game.
  17. Conflicting Achievements?

    Hello all, I'm into alternating between doing "Interloper / survive as long as you can" runs and "Stalker / All Achievements" runs, and I'm currently on one of my best efforts so far on the latter of those two. Here's the question: If I've got my skill level in a certain thing, e.g. Cooking, up to 5, so it doesn't let me read any books on the topic, does this make it impossible to get the "Penitent Scholar" Award? Seems counter-intuitive to me to essentially require a survivor not to actually use any of the skills he reads about in order to be able to read all of the books in the game. I need to know if I have to re-strategize my "all achievements" run technique (trying to get all of the feasible survivor achievements in one-run, including the read all books, and get all skills up to 5...) Thanks for any insights you can supply me with!
  18. Yesterday
  19. Still doesn't work for me. Tried mapping some of the locations that were missing an icon on the map (like Stone Church) and it's still broken for me. I guess i'll be waiting for someone to get it and make a detalied guide on how to, because i've wasted more than enough time on this one.
  20. The Long Dark Hotfixed to v1.27 [34908] on STEAM

    Does this mean what I think it means?? Sam
  21. The end of the world

    A compelling and melancholy story.
  22. Survival - Mountain Town - exit options without ropes?

    I'm a bit late, I know, but for future reference here is a video of how to get out of Milton without using ropes.
  23. Steam controller issues on Arch Linux x86_64

    First of all: the update that came out in these days indirectly fixed the issue. In practice it did not change anything, the controller was (not) working as before. However, I tried to run the game without having to pre-load the SDL library from the Steam prefix, and everything worked flawlessly, even the controller. Now, don't take this in the wrong way, I just want to make a constructive criticism: if a player ask your help for a problem, there is a good probability that he already tried many things before, like searching inside Steam discussions, your forum and, obviously, Google. It is also true that Unity Engine is widely used today, and you can easily imagine that I have got a good amount of other games based on it, and all of them works with the Steam controller flawlessly. Even the ones that do not support it! In this case you have been quite unlucky, because I am a programmer, and having to preload a library smells really bad to me. And in this case it was exactly the problem. If you try to search around, you will notice that there are many people out there that needed that hack to run the game. Probably, not many of these own a Steam Controller, so it is not a common problem. Next time, IMHO, you should try to avoid kind of replies that make the user think 'Hey, I am not an expert, but I am not a stupid'. We bought your game because we love your game, we just want to play it with our hardware (if possible). I am a reasonable person and I would have patiently waited for some help, but others would have left a bad (and unfair) review for the missed support. Last suggestion: make some changes to the Technical Support on Steam and explain that the preload method should be avoided now, because it could bring some unexpected issues. Maybe it will avoid some future troubles Oh, obviously... thanks for the update!!!
  24. The Long Dark Hotfixed to v1.27 [34908] on STEAM

    Sorry to hear you feel this way. We'll be publishing the hotfix for consoles as soon as it is ready, as we have always done. And of course we appreciate everyone's patience in the meantime. Thank you.
  25. In other words, you did not even begin to make a patch for console versions of the game, did I understand you correctly? This is "wonderful" news Patrick, now I know that in the next six months (or more) I will be engaged in other things, and not play your "wonderful" game. I always dreamed of buying an expensive console version, and get the most unstable version of the game. Add to this, and the pleasure of such technical support, when some will play the game, and others will look out the window (for example).
  26. The Long Dark Hotfixed to v1.27 [34908] on STEAM

    We don't have an ETA on the hotfix release for other platforms at this time. As soon as we have more to share, we will. A big part of the Test Branch was ensuring our Unity upgrade was stable, and a wider release on Steam will help us confirm that before we launch on consoles.
  27. Stuck In Jeremiah's Bunker?

    I don't know if that is intended solution or not, but I ran over those electrified wires, got burned by electricity but survived with approx 30% of health left (plus electric burn which lowers your max hp until healed). Then I turned the electricity off, gathered all the loot (except that in a locked box, since I didn't have crowbar on me) and left. With all the water, food and medicine I got in Jeremiah's bunker I holed up in the cave nearby, healed, burned his letters and on the next day went home to ML.
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